Klinsmann, firm in his convictions despite the ‘overseas investment controversy’, “I wish KFA would open an office in Europe”

Klinsmann, firm in his convictions despite the ‘overseas investment controversy’, “I wish KFA would open an office in Europe”

Jürgen Klinsmann (Germany), the coach of the Korean national soccer team, repeatedly emphasized his convictions regarding the controversies surrounding him for outsourcing and sabotage.

According to News1 and Newsis, Coach Klinsmann held a press conference at the Paju National Team Training Center (NFC) on the 9th.

Coach Klinsmann began by saying, “I am constantly listening (about domestic public opinion). The role and work method I think of as the national team coach may be different from the method fans and media are accustomed to.”

He continued, “It is right for a K-League team leader to stay in Korea, but it is different for the national team coach. I travel to various places and am always working no matter where I am. This is my way of working. I travel to Europe and visit not only the players but also the officials of the players’ clubs. “I can understand the situation by talking to the coaches. I plan to run the national team in my own way. That will not change,” he explained.

He also proposed setting up an office for the Korea Football Association (KFA) in Europe. Coach Klinsmann emphasized, “70% of the national team is overseas. By having an office in Europe, we can continuously get to know and work with European players.”토토사이트

He also said that his appearance as a panelist for foreign broadcasters such as ESPN is not a ‘second job’ but an ‘extension’ of his national team work. He said, “(Appearing on a panel) is also about studying the flow of modern soccer,” and added, “The national team coach must keep abreast of the flow of change.”

Jürgen Klinsmann (left) watching the match between FC Seoul and Gwangju FC held at Seoul World Cup Stadium on September 17 with coach Du-ri Cha / Photo = OSEN

Coach Klinsmann, who was appointed as the coach of the Republic of Korea national soccer team last February, sparked controversy over overseas travel because he stayed overseas longer than at home.

He returned to Korea with the team after playing an international match in England last month, but returned to the United States 5 days later after watching two K League 1 games on site.

The national team led by Coach Klinsmann will play an evaluation match against Tunisia at Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 13th and Vietnam at Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 17th.

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