‘Byungsu Ball’ hard effect is ‘zero’! Suwon was defeated 0-2 by Incheon, and the ‘football capital’ came close to being relegated.

‘Byungsu Ball’ hard effect is ‘zero’! Suwon was defeated 0-2 by Incheon, and the ‘football capital’ came close to being relegated.

There was no effect of dismissing ‘Byungsu Ball’. ‘Soccer capital’ Suwon Samsung’s automatic relegation from K League 2 (second division) is becoming a reality.

Suwon was defeated 0-2, allowing one goal each in both halves in the 2023 Hana One Q K League 1 Round 32 away game against Incheon United held at Incheon Soccer Stadium on the 30th.

Suwon, mired in five consecutive losses, recorded 5 wins, 7 draws, and 20 losses (22 points), failing to get out of last place. If Suwon fails to turn things around in the remaining final game of the regular league and the five Split B games, they will face the cruel reality of being relegated to the second division for the first time in 10 years since the introduction of the split system in 2013.

Suwon recently made a change in leadership after suffering four consecutive losses. It was the second ‘shock therapy’ this season. It was truly a shock. Following coach Lee Byung-geun, coach Kim Byeong-soo, who had been in charge of Suwon since early May, was dismissed after four months. The strategy seemed to be that if they could get out of 12th place in K-League 1, which is the condition for automatic relegation, in the remaining 7 games, they would be able to rebound sufficiently in the promotion playoffs. Afterwards, Suwon’s choice was to appoint ‘Living Legend’ Yeom Ki-hoon as acting manager. On this day, the trip to Incheon was Acting Manager Yeom’s debut as a leader.토토사이트

Suwon clashed with Incheon on this day in a 4-1-4-1 formation. With Park Hee-jun at the forefront, Kim Joo-chan and Basani stood on the left and right sides. Kazuki and Kim Bo-kyung participated in the second line. While Lee Jong-seong was used as the original volanci (one defensive midfielder), the back four consisted of Ki-je Lee, Bultuis, Myung-seok Ko, and Tae-hwan Kim. The goal was guarded by Yang Hyeon-mo.

Suwon was helpless against Incheon’s strategy. Incheon used a strategy of aiming for a goal by having Kim Bo-seop, who has high speed, penetrate into the space behind the opponent. Left fullback Lee Ki-je had a hard time with Kim Bo-seop’s quick feet. Then, they allowed the first goal in the 20th minute of the first half. Park Seung-ho, who also dug into the space behind Lee Ki-je, rushed to the right side of the box and tripped on Bultuis’s foot, resulting in a penalty kick. Mugosa, who played as a kicker, easily scored a goal.

Afterwards, Suwon tried to break down Incheon’s organizational power through build-up. However, most of the passes were horizontal, and forward passes were lacking. Even Japanese technician Kazuki was blocked by Incheon’s strong pressure and was unable to deliver a kill pass.

As the attack did not work, Suwon brought in a large number of strikers including Ko Seung-beom, Jeon Jeon-woo, Myung Jun-jae, Mulich, and Werick Popo starting in the 12th minute of the second half. Then, an unresolved attack unfolded. But decision-making power was a different story. Although 10 of Suwon’s 12 shots were taken by strikers who were substituted in the second half, the desired score was not achieved. In the end, Suwon gave up 3 points to Incheon and fell into a swamp of 5 consecutive losses.

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