“My favorite coach…but DB won” Coach Seunggi Kim’s affection, Lawson’s reply

“My favorite coach…but DB won” Coach Seunggi Kim’s affection, Lawson’s reply

 Now it is Didrick Lawson (25, 202cm) wearing the green uniform.

Lawson is already preparing for his third season in the KBL. He first played for Goyang Orion in the 2020-2021 season, and proved his worth by playing very well as a member of Goyang Carrot last season. He became the perfect piece for Coach Seung-gi Kim’s new and unique archery basketball, and even made it to the playoffs despite being underpaid. He led the underrated team to the semifinals of the playoffs and was the protagonist of the turnaround drama of beating Ulsan Hyundai Mobis and advancing to the semifinals.

Throughout last season, Coach Seung-gi Kim did not hold back in his praise whenever Lawson was mentioned. When Sono announced its founding and appointed coach Kim Seung-gi, Lawson’s future was already decided on DB. Still, my affection for Lawson remained. At the time, coach Kim Seung-gi said, “Thanks to (Lawson), we were able to become the best team even in a bad situation. Thank you very much. “Apart from everything else, Lawson is a foreign player I loved.”토토사이트

Lawson’s affection for director Kim Seung-gi was also great. During last season, he described coach Kim Seung-gi as a ‘fun person.’

Lawson, who arrived in the country on the 6th, is working hard by playing practice games with the professional team following training camp in Japan with DB. Even though he changed teams, he is still well-received for his outstanding capabilities. In the practice game against Samsung in Seoul on the 28th, he completed DB’s victory by hitting a buzzer-beating mid-range shot just before the end of the game, which was tied.

When complimenting the aforementioned director Kim Seung-gi, Lawson said, “He is my favorite director. Thank you for evaluating me favorably and remembering me fondly. He is a fun person and a creative coach, so I enjoyed playing basketball with him. “I think it will be nice to meet you,” he said with a smile.

Coach Kim Seung-gi said at the Sono founding ceremony held on the 20th, “The first regular league game will be against DB. “He will show it with his skills,” he said. The first match of the season between DB and Sono is scheduled for October 22nd at Goyang Gymnasium. In response to this, Lawson laughed and said, “Even if we meet coach Kim Seung-gi, our DB will definitely win.”

I look forward to October 22nd, the clash between my beloved student and his teacher, who have now become enemies.

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