Arteta smiles inwardly at Ramsdale’s storming save, and the breathtaking rivalry with Raya is ‘exciting’

Arteta smiles inwardly at Ramsdale’s storming save, and the breathtaking rivalry with Raya is ‘exciting’

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta becomes more and more worried as the game progresses.

Arsenal advanced to the round of 16 with a 1-0 win in the round of 32 of the 2023-24 League Cup (Carabao Cup) against Brentford held at the Brentford Community Stadium in London, England on the morning of the 28th (Korean time). Reiss Nelson’s winning goal in the 8th minute of the first half was held until the end. It was important to keep control of the game by not missing out on Brentford’s defensive mistakes and hitting the net.

Above all, goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale’s saves stood out in the scoreless victory. The crisis was averted when Yone Wisa’s powerful right-footed shot hit Ramsdale’s hand and hit the bottom of the right post. If Ramsdale had not caught him, he would have gone straight into the right corner of the goal.

Ramsdale has been a solid defender in Arsenal’s goal for the past two seasons. Although he was disappointed with Arsenal’s comeback runner-up finish last season, he is evaluated to have played his role faithfully.

However, this season Ramsdale faced a strong internal competitor. This is the appearance of David Raya, a goalkeeper on loan from Brentford. Raya was on loan and did not appear in the game against her home team.

Although he only appears in two games in the league, he was given the opportunity to appear as a starter in all three recent matches between Everton-PSV-Tottenham, including the first leg against PSV Eindhoven in the UEFA Champions League, and led the team to two wins and a draw.

It is true that Ramsdale is not happy with Raya’s appearance. Arsenal emphasized that the signing was to strengthen their power while competing in the League Cup, FA Cup, and UCL, but the competition between the two goalkeepers from England and Spain is leading to a strange situation.

In the case of Raya, there is a possibility of a complete transfer after the new season. For this reason, there is a possibility of a transfer for Ramsdale, who is under contract with Arsenal until the summer of 2026.

The British popular newspaper ‘Daily Mail’ said, ‘Arsenal has two number one goalkeepers (meaning the starting players). It is a similar structure to Chelsea last season. Since both sides want to play as starters, there is a possibility that one of them will leave Arsenal. In fact, it appears that there is a possibility of a transfer proposal for Ramsdale.’토토사이트

Ramsdale boasts a worth of 45 million pounds (about 74.1 billion won). He is of a high standard for a goalkeeper. If Arsenal fully recruits Raya, Ramsdale is expected to naturally choose a transfer.

It is also a significant stimulus for Ramsdale that Coach Arteta has selected Raya for the past three consecutive games and has achieved good results. The playing styles of the two goalkeepers are slightly different. While Raya is active and utilizes the entire penalty area, Ramsdale provides stability through space defense. Having a unique goalkeeper is not a bad thing for Arsenal, but conversely, there is a possibility that intensifying competition within the squad could have the opposite effect.

‘The Daily Star’ said, ‘Ramsdale made an incredible save against Brentford. One fan said, “When the fans behind Ramsdale scream, he turns into Manuel Neuer,” emphasizing in an amusing way that he has the ability to display superpowers.

Arsenal will play West Ham United in the London derby in the round of 16. It’s not a bad matchup. From the perspective of Arsenal, who are going to four tournaments together, it seems that smooth sailing will be possible only if the two players are properly distributed.

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