A birdie in 6 consecutive holes… ‘AG men’s golf leader’ Jang Yu-bin “This is my first time in an official competition”

A birdie in 6 consecutive holes… ‘AG men’s golf leader’ Jang Yu-bin “This is my first time in an official competition”

Birdies in 6 consecutive holes, and tied for the lead in the first round. Jang Yu-bin, the youngest member of the Korean men’s golf team, achieved the most outstanding performance on the first day of the Hangzhou Asian Games. Wooyoung Cho, another amateur national team member, and Seongjae Lim and Siwoo Kim, who are active on the PGA Tour, also announced a smooth start.

Yubin Jang recorded 11 under par 61 strokes in the men’s first round of golf at the Hangzhou Asian Games held at Xihu International Golf and Country Club (par 72) in Hangzhou, China on the 28th, taking the sole lead. He is one stroke behind 2nd place Daichi Go (Hong Kong, 10 under par, 62 strokes). In addition, Wooyoung Jo tied for third place with 9 under par 63 strokes, and two national amateur players played doubles on the first day of the tournament. Seongjae Lim and Siwoo Kim also played their part. They both recorded 6 under par 66 and were tied for 15th place.

Korea, whose players were evenly ranked in the top ranks, took the lead alone with 26 under par 190 strokes, adding the scores of Jang Yu-bin, Jo Woo-young, and Im Seong-jae in the team event where the scores of the top three players were added together.

Jang Yu-bin, born in 2002 and the youngest member of the men’s golf team at the Asian Games, played amazingly on the first day. From holes 1 to 6, she birdied six holes in a row. He also added a birdie in the 8th hole (par 5) and showed off his strength by reducing 7 strokes in the first half alone. There was a bogey on the 11th hole (par 4) in the second half, but 5 birdies were added to reduce the score by 4 strokes.

Jang Yu-bin, who we met in the joint coverage area (mixed zone) after the game, said, “I hit the ball well all day. “She had a team competition, so she felt pressured and wanted to do well, but she did well in the first half, and as she let go of the pressure little by little, she got better results,” she said with a smile. “I had previously had an eagle and 4 birdies in 5 holes in a row, but this was the first time I had birdied 6 holes in a row in an official competition,” he said. “It was a good situation, but I still tried not to focus on the score. Her idea was to do her best in each hole. “I tried not to think about anything else, just because she birdied six holes in a row,” she said.스포츠토토

Yubin Jang cited the pitch shot as the driving force behind her score of 61 that day. He said, “I always had a good pitch shot on a good day. It was like that today too. There were many pitch shots dropped around the hole and many chances. “It was the pitch shot that created the opportunity,” she said.

Jang Yu-bin, the youngest of the Korean players competing in the Asian Games golf, is gaining ‘great experience’ while living with her older brothers. In particular, Seongjae Lim and Siwoo Kim, who are active on the PGA Tour, and her ‘athlete village life’ serve as good motivation for her. Jang Yu-bin said, “Wooyoung and I were like, ‘Wow’ during the practice round the day before the first round. It was a shot, contact, pitch, etc. that felt different. Watching that, Wooyoung and I became motivated. “It was also an opportunity for us to set our sights on advancing to the PGA Tour once again,” she said.

Korean men’s golf aims for gold medals not only in the individual event but also in the team event. Jang Yu-bin said about her strategy for the second round, “I finished the first round with a good score, but I will work hard in the second round with a new mindset.”

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