‘Challenging for 3 consecutive gold medals’ men’s soccer, round of 16 coming soon

‘Challenging for 3 consecutive gold medals’ men’s soccer, round of 16 coming soon

The men’s national soccer team, aiming for a third consecutive Asian Games gold medal, will soon play the round of 16 against Kyrgyzstan. Let’s connect to the scene ahead of the final battle.

Reporter Lee Jeong-chan, are we holding the round of 16 at the same stadium where we played the three group stage games?

Yes, I am at Jinhua Sports Center Stadium in China.

As you said, this is a good place to be, with our team scoring a whopping 16 goals in their last three games and having won three games in a row without conceding a goal.

For our players, it will now feel like a home stadium.메이저놀이터

With about 1 hour and 20 minutes left until the game starts, the players arrived at the stadium a little while ago and are preparing for the final match.

Today (27th), the heat continued to exceed 30 degrees Celsius in the middle of the day.

There are no major problems for Hwang Seon-hong, who has already adapted to the local environment and has established his physical strength.

The starting list will be announced soon, and today we will be using the ‘best combination’.

Lee Kang-in, who joined in the middle of the group stage and finished the warm-up by playing 36 minutes in the game against Bahrain three days ago, is certain to start, while Jung Woo-young, who scored a hat trick in the first game, and Eom Won-sang, who scored two goals in the group stage, are expected to play the left and right wings.

Kyrgyzstan, which is objectively inferior in terms of power, is likely to use the ‘defend first and then counterattack’ strategy, so an elaborate set piece to break through the dense defense and an early goal to take the lead early are needed.

You can also see our cheering squad little by little.

We hope that our players will continue to win four games in a row in Jinhua, the promised land, and head to the quarterfinals in Hangzhou.

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