‘7 innings of no-runs and perfect pitching, Kelly, feat of 10 wins for 5 consecutive years…’ LG beats KT 4-0 and takes the lead in DH’s first game

‘7 innings of no-runs and perfect pitching, Kelly, feat of 10 wins for 5 consecutive years…’ LG beats KT 4-0 and takes the lead in DH’s first game

The LG Twins succeeded in taking the lead in the first game of the doubleheader by defeating the KT Wiz thanks to Casey Kelly’s perfect pitch.

The LG Twins won 4-0 in the first game of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League home game doubleheader against KT Wiz at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul at 3 p.m. on the 27th. With this win, LG maintained its lead in the league with 79 wins, 48 ​​losses, and 2 draws. Last 3 consecutive wins. On the other hand, KT ended its two-game winning streak and recorded 73 wins, 57 losses, and 3 draws. While maintaining 2nd place, the gap between them and 1st place LG was 7.5 games.

LG has Hong Chang-gi (right fielder) – Shin Min-jae (second baseman) – Kim Hyun-soo (designated hitter) – Austin (first baseman) – Oh Ji-hwan (shortstop) – Kim Min-seong (3rd baseman) – Park Dong-won (catcher) – Moon Seong-ju (left fielder) – Park Hae-min (center fielder) The starting batting order was organized in that order. Starting pitcher is Casey Kelly. KT is Cho Yong-ho (right fielder) – Hwang Jae-gyun (third baseman) – Alford (left fielder) – Park Byeong-ho (first baseman) – Bae Jeong-dae (center fielder) – Jang Seong-woo (catcher) – Kim Sang-soo (shortstop) – Kim Jun-tae (designated hitter) – Oh Yoon-seok (2) The starting lineup was formed in the order of baseman. The starting pitcher was sovereign.

With both teams unable to score until the third inning, LG scored first in the bottom of the fourth inning. Leadoff hitter Kim Min-seong’s hit to left-center and Park Dong-won’s hit to right-center gave them a chance to reach first and third base with no outs. Here, when Moon Seong-joo grounded to second base, third base runner Kim Min-seong hit home. (1-0)

LG scored another run in the bottom of the 5th inning. Leadoff hitter Hong Chang-gi got on base with a walk and then took advantage of KT relief pitcher Ha Jun-ho’s wild pitch to reach second base. Shin Min-jae then hit a sacrifice bunt, sending second base runner Hong Chang-ki to third base. The next batter is Kim Hyun-soo. With the ball count of 1-1, he attacked the third ball, and the batted ball rolled in front of the second baseman. At this time, KT second baseman Oh Yoon-seok boldly chose to throw the ball home, and Hong Chang-gi also attempted a slide to dig into the groove. Safe by a narrow margin. The KT bench requested a video review, but the decision was not overturned. It was also the moment Kim Hyun-soo recorded an RBI. Here, KT replaced the pitcher from Ha Jun-ho to Lee Chae-ho. Chae-ho Lee allowed Austin to walk and then passed the mound to Young-hyun Kim. Kim Young-hyun caught Oh Ji-hwan with a foul fly out to left field and Kim Min-seong with a fly out to center field.

While LG was scoring points, Kelly was fighting back on the mound like an ace. After getting off to a clean start in the first inning with a three-out base hit, with one out in the second inning, he allowed a hit to Bae Jeong-dae and a right-handed hit to Seong-woo Jang. However, Kim Sang-soo and Kim Jun-tae both hit outfield fly balls, ending the inning with no runs allowed. Three-way failure again in the third inning. In the 4th inning, he gave up a heavy hit to Park Byeong-ho with one out, but eliminated both Bae Jeong-dae and Jang Seong-woo with double hits.

Kelly gave up a heavy hit to leadoff hitter Kim Sang-soo in the 5th inning, but after handling Kim Jun-tae on a fly ball to second baseman, he led Oh Yun-seok into a double play in front of third baseman, continuing his scoreless streak. In the 6th inning, Kelly pitched a quality start (less than 3 earned runs in 6 innings as a starter) by inducing Cho Yong-ho, Hwang Jae-gyun, and Alford to ground balls. Kelly, who was on the mound in the 7th inning, gave up a hit to Bae Jeong-dae with one out, but completed his mission that day by striking out Seong-woo Jang and catching Sang-su Kim with a straight hit to second base. LG fans chanted Kelly’s name as he headed toward the dugout, and Kelly responded by taking off his hat. Then the LG fans’ cheers got louder.스포츠토토

LG scored 2 runs in the 8th inning, effectively putting a wedge in the game. Leadoff hitter Oh Ji-hwan got on base with a bunt to the second baseman and then advanced to second base on Kim Min-seong’s sacrifice bunt. Park Dong-won gets a ground ball out to third base. Here, KT removed right fielder Alford and instead of moving left fielder Ahn Chi-young in his place, they replaced Song Min-seop with left fielder. However, Moon Seong-ju hit a timely hit to left to bring home runner Oh Ji-hwan on second base, and Park Hae-min hit a timely hit to right-center, allowing Moon Seong-ju to score. (4-0) Kelly allowed 5 hits, 0, 4 walks, 2 strikeouts, and no runs in 7 innings (92 pitches)

. They fought back and succeeded in achieving 10 wins (7 losses) on the season. As a result, Kelly, who joined the LG Twins in 2019, recorded double-digit wins for five consecutive seasons. 14th record in KBO league history. Kelly has won 14 wins (2019 season), 15 wins (2020 season), 13 wins (2021 season), and 16 wins (2022 season). Then, Baek Seung-hyun took charge of ⅓ innings, Kim Jin-seong took charge of ⅔ innings, and Yoo Young-chan took charge of 1 inning. The batting line had 6 hits.

On the other hand, for KT, after Ju-won pitched 1⅓ innings with 3 walks, 1 strikeout, and no runs, Ha Jun-ho pitched 3 innings, allowing 3 hits, 2 walks, and 2 runs (2 earned). Chae-ho Lee did not get a single out, but Young-hyun Kim pitched 2 scoreless innings, and Yi-hyun Cho pitched 1⅔ innings, allowing 3 hits and 2 runs (2 earned). The batting line recorded 7 hits. On this day, 5,656 spectators attended the first game of the doubleheader, and LG Park Hae-min became the 58th player in KBO League history to reach 5,000 at-bats.

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