A descendant of the true ‘No.8’ found 8 years after Gerrard’s transfer

A descendant of the true ‘No.8’ found 8 years after Gerrard’s transfer

Dominik Szoboszloi appears to be the right person to continue Steven Gerrard’s lineage.

Liverpool fans shed tears during the 2014-15 season. This is because Gerrard, who grew up in Liverpool, made his debut there, and seemed like he would only play for Liverpool, said goodbye to the club. Gerrard, who was in his mid-30s, could no longer show his best skills in the Premier League (PL) and eventually chose to transfer.

After Gerrard, who symbolized Liverpool, transferred, the team struggled to find a new Gerrard. The player selected was Naby Keita, who had shown good performance at RB Leipzig. Liverpool handed over Gerrard’s number 8 jersey to Keita, hoping he would serve as Gerrard’s successor.

The club’s decision to hand over Gerrard’s jersey number to Keita was ultimately the worst. Keita has been with Liverpool for 5 seasons, but has played only 129 games. A player who scored nearly 20 attack points in one season at Leipzig only scored 11 goals and seven assists over five seasons at Liverpool.메이저사이트

If the transfer fee had been brought in at a low price, fans would not have thrown stones at the club’s choice to bring in Keita. Keita’s transfer fee was a whopping 60 million euros (approximately 85.8 billion won), which still remains the 5th highest transfer fee in the club’s history.

Keita was unable to help the team until the end. A player signed for 60 million euros left the team as a free agent at the end of the 2022-23 season. He left without leaving any money. Liverpool, who were looking for Gerrard’s successor again, recruited Szoboslaui. When he was brought in from Leipzig, which had brought in Keita, and given the number 8 jersey, fans were worried that Szoboslaui might also fail, but they were unfounded.

Szoboslaui is quickly melting into Liverpool and growing into Gerrard’s successor. His excellent kicking ability is also working in the PL. In a situation where Alexis McAllister has not fully integrated into the team yet, Sobo Slui’s playmaking ability and defensive contribution are outstanding. Szoboslaui was not selected as Liverpool’s August Player of the Month for nothing.

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