“We are a dream team, we will win gold with a life-or-death determination.”

“We are a dream team, we will win gold with a life-or-death determination.”

Seongjae Lim, known as the ‘first man’ as he continues to set new records on the PGA Tour, is set to win another first title. This is the first medal for a men’s golf professional at the Asian Games.

Lim Seong-jae, who is aiming for a gold medal at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, said in a recent interview with the Maeil Business Newspaper, “I want to win a gold medal in the first Asian Games where professional athletes are allowed to participate. Setting a record for the first time has a special meaning,” he said. “The preparations are over. I will try to do my best like I do on the PGA Tour,” he said, raising his voice.

The Asian Games have not allowed professional athletes to participate. This is because the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) has banned professional athletes from competing. However, as the OCA allowed professional players to participate in 2021, their names will be listed on the participation list starting from this competition. Men’s golf will be held for four days starting on the 28th at the West Lake International Golf Club in Hangzhou, China.

Seongjae Lim, Siwoo Kim, Yubin Jang, and Wooyoung Jo were selected for the Korean men’s golf team. Based on the players’ reputation, there is no opponent that can compete in this competition. This is because Jang Yu-bin and Jo Woo-young, who reached the top of the Korean Professional Golf Korean Tour as amateurs, formed a team along with Lim Seong-jae and Kim Si-woo, who are very active on the PGA Tour.

Among them, Seongjae Lim is receiving a lot of attention because he has the highest men’s golf world ranking (27th) among the participating players. In addition, he is receiving the greatest expectations as he is the first Asian player to receive the PGA Tour Rookie of the Year award and is the only Korean player to participate in the Tour Championship for five consecutive seasons.

Lim Seong-jae said, “It would be a lie if I said I didn’t feel any pressure. However, I have a clear belief and confidence that my skills will work,” and “I will definitely achieve my goal this time as I have overcome countless difficulties to come this far. I will work hard so that I can experience the sense of accomplishment that I achieved it at the Asian Games.” “I will try,” he emphasized.

He also expressed his determination to blow away the regret of being eliminated from the national team selection event for the 2014 Incheon Games in this competition. Lim Seong-jae said, “I have grown in every way since 9 years ago. This time, I will achieve my dream of winning a gold medal, which I was unable to achieve as an amateur. The Taegeuk symbol has tremendous power. I will show that I am a representative of the Republic of Korea.”

He gave a thumbs up to his teammates with whom he would form a team in team competitions. In the men’s golf team event at the Asian Games, the final ranking is determined by adding up the scores of the top three out of four players from each country.

If Korea wins the gold medal in the team event at this event, it will be 13 years since the 2010 Guangzhou Games. Lim Seong-jae explained, “All the players are so talented that you can think of them as a dream team. We are confident that we will win no matter who we face. We will come together as one as we have a clear goal of winning the gold medal.”

Before leaving for Hangzhou, China on the 25th, Lim Seong-jae showed special care for Jang Yu-bin and Jo Woo-young.스포츠토토

Lim Seong-jae said, “It is important not to be nervous as both players have excellent skills,” and added, “I will talk a lot with Kim Si-woo and become a true team.”

How is your current physical condition? He arrived on the 18th and said he was in good physical condition after adjusting to jet lag. Lim Seong-jae said with a smile, “I recharged in Korea and my condition is no problem. My shot and putt skills have also improved a lot, so I’m looking forward to the opening of this tournament.”

As his eldest brothers, the determination of Kim Si-woo, Jang Yu-bin, and Jo Woo-young, who lead the Korean men’s golf team, was also great. Kim Si-woo said, “I want to gift the Asian Games gold medal to my wife and unborn child,” and pledged, “I have never once had the negative thought that I couldn’t do it. I will show the power of Korean golf to the whole of Asia.”

Jang Yu-bin and Jo Woo-young said, “We have to keep our heads straight to avoid harm to Seong-jae and Si-woo,” and added, “We gained a lot of confidence by reaching the top of the Korean Tour tournament this year. A performance with no regrets at the Hangzhou Asian Games, the last tournament in which they participated as amateurs. “We will unfold it,” they said in unison.

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