“Thanks to my friends”, “I like my teammates” The amazing hearts of the 4th and 5th grade MVPs

 “Thanks to my friends”, “I like my teammates” The amazing hearts of the 4th and 5th grade MVPs

“I couldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for my friends.”, “I think I received MVP thanks to my colleagues.” There was something in common in the impressions of the MVPs of the 4th and 5th grade classes.

The ‘2023 Korea Sports Education Promotion Agency Jang Cup Smart Sports Second Half Basketball Tournament’ was held at the Dongseoul University International Exchange Center gymnasium for two days on the 23rd (Sat) and 24th (Sun). This competition was hosted and hosted by the Korea Sports Education Promotion Agency, Smart Sports, and Samsung Little Thunder, and sponsored by It Sports, Molten, and Jump Ball.

The Korea Sports Education Promotion Agency Jang Cup, in which a total of 52 teams from 3rd to 6th grade elementary school participated, is a festival that provides memories only to the dreamers of the Gangnam Samsung Youth Basketball Club hobby class. This competition, which took its first step in 2013, is the biggest event of the Gangnam Samsung Youth Basketball Club.

While the 3rd grade and 6th grade division schedules were held on the 23rd, on the 2nd day (24th), 12 4th grade teams (A, B, C groups) and 20 5th grade teams (A, B, C, D, E groups) competed vertically and horizontally. I walked around the Mujin court.

The winning, runner-up, and third-place teams were provided with trophies, certificates, company reversible uniforms, Under Armor hair bands, foam rollers, school supply sets, and other sports equipment, while players selected as MVP of each group received iSports functional t-shirts. .

Interview with 4th and 5th grade group MVPs

Seo Chan-hyuk (Daechi 5A)_ I thought another friend would receive it, but I was surprised to receive it. I think our teamwork worked well as we passed a lot of passes. I think I was able to win because my friends gave me good passes. I want to work harder in the future to become a player who can shoot better like Stephen Curry.

Min Ji-hong (Open 5C)_ I came in last place in the last competition. I practiced hard and I feel like I achieved improved results. For some reason, I felt like I would do well today and get MVP. I don’t think I would have won the MVP if I hadn’t had my friends on the same team, but I think I won and received the award thanks to my friends. I hope I can play with my friends in the next competition as well.

Kim Do-hyeon (Gaeil 5A)_ I feel good because the team won and I also received an individual award. I think basketball is a really fun sport because the team members keep moving among themselves and score a lot of goals. I’m going to beg my mom to go to a restaurant.안전놀이터

Seojin Ahn (Daechi 4D)_ I’m happy to win, but I’m also a little nervous about doing the interview. It’s been about a year since I started playing basketball. It was fun to do with friends. I feel a thrill when the shot goes clean. I am grateful to my friends who helped me win, and I will become a player who has manners and can shoot well like Curry.

Taemin Seo (Aju 5A)_ It doesn’t feel real that I won and received MVP, but I feel good. After finishing second in the first competition, I practiced a lot of layups and defense. I think I was able to win because my skills improved a lot. His dream was to be a basketball or soccer player, but he played soccer and has now switched to basketball. I think basketball is much more fun.

Yunseop Lee (Gaeil 4B)_ I feel good. I think I received MVP thanks to my friends. His older brother was good at basketball, so his older brother taught him how to play basketball from a young age. Now, my older brother doesn’t play much because he doesn’t have much time, but I think he’s become good at basketball thanks to his older brother and friends. In the first competition, there was an ace who was really good, and he helped me a lot so I won, and during this competition, I had a best friend, but he couldn’t come because he was sick. But I was able to win because my other friends gave me courage.

Kim Geon-woo (Daedo 4E)_ I am more grateful to my teammates. If it wasn’t for my teammates, I don’t think I would have won or won MVP. I’ve been playing basketball for about a year and a half, and I like it because it’s a sport where teamwork is good and I can handle the ball. I am even happier when I play games or competitions. I wish competitions like this would be held more often. I’m going to go brag to my grandfather and grandmother later.

Lim Geon-min (Seoi 5B)_ After receiving MVP, I gained confidence and learned more about basketball. I also think he can take first place in the next competition. I caught the rebound well today (24th). I didn’t avoid basic physical fights, and I think I was good at scoring free throws or grabbing rebounds and then hitting shots on goal. I’m not sure if I want to be a basketball player yet, but he’s having so much fun that I want to keep playing basketball.

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