KLPGT introduces Korea’s first ‘Stroke Gain’ record… ‘3 wins of the season’ Park Ji-young, 1st place overall

KLPGT introduces Korea’s first ‘Stroke Gain’ record… ‘3 wins of the season’ Park Ji-young, 1st place overall

The Korea Ladies Professional Golf Tour (KLPGT) announced on the 19th that it is analyzing player capabilities for each shot by introducing stroke gain records.

The ‘Stroke Gained’ record, introduced by KLPGT and the official record company CNPS, derives the overall average of all of a player’s shots, allowing comparison of how much gain or loss is made from which shot.

Stroke gain records are comprised of six categories: ▲Tee shot ▲Approach ▲Green area ▲Tee shot to green (Tee shot, approach, Green area) ▲Put ▲Total area. Through this data, the player’s shot ability by distance and strengths and weaknesses on the green can be numerically identified.

Currently, the overall leader in stroke gain on the KLPGA Tour is Jiyoung Park, who recorded 3 wins this season. Park Ji-young showed strength in all areas. In particular, he appears to have made large gains of 1.42 strokes and 0.42 strokes on approach shots and around the green, respectively. Lee Ye-won, who ranked second overall, also made gains in all areas, but made the biggest gain with 0.74 strokes on the tee shot.메이저사이트

Suji Kim, ranked 3rd, gained the largest number of strokes among KLPGA Tour players with 1.48 strokes in the approach category. However, there was a loss of 0.35 strokes in the putting department. Lee Da-yeon, ranked 4th, also gained 1.46 strokes in approach after Kim Su-ji, but lost 0.13 strokes in play around the green.

According to Stroke Gain records, Bae So-hyun is the player with the best tee shot. Bae So-hyun gained 0.85 strokes on the tee shot alone. However, the overall ranking remained 22nd, with losses of 0.09 strokes and 0.14 strokes in the green area and putt categories, respectively.

KLPGT provides not only real-time stroke gain records for the season, but also stroke gain records for each competition and hole. Through the stroke gain for each competition, the player’s shot capabilities can be checked for each competition and round, and the stroke gain for each hole can be used as an indicator to determine the difficulty of each shot in each hole.

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