Djokovic skips Asia Series to focus on year-end finals

Djokovic skips Asia Series to focus on year-end finals

Novak Djokovic (Serbia, world No. 1) will completely skip the Asia Series in the second half of the tour.

Djokovic reached the finals of all four major tournaments this year, winning all but Wimbledon held in England, and is still showing career-high skills at the age of 36.

Djokovic became the first male player to achieve 24 Grand Slam wins at the US Open held in New York, USA on September 10 (local time).토토사이트

Djokovic, who turned 36 this year, said in a press conference after the final that he was “doing his best to recover so that he can stay in tip-top shape and continue to compete with younger players.”

Djokovic gave up the ATP Masters 1000 Shanghai Masters, which he won four times in his career, and chose to focus on the ATP Finals and the men’s national competition Davis Cup Finals held in November.

Djokovic led Serbia to its first Davis Cup title by recording two singles wins over France’s Gilles Simon and Gael Monfils in the 2010 Davis Cup final.

Serbia, which was assigned to the same group as Korea in the group stage of this year’s Davis Cup finals that ended on the 17th, received support from Djokovic from the second game and advanced to the finals in second place in the group.

Djokovic defeated Casper Ruud (Norway, world No. 9) at last year’s ATP Finals to record his 6th win, tying the record for most wins recorded by Roger Federer (Switzerland, retired). If he wins this year, he will break the record for most wins ever. can do.

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