A 6-year-long crisis due to the ‘no plan’ Jamsil Dome plan, a national hitter and a salty drinker… “Please think of your fans first.”

A 6-year-long crisis due to the ‘no plan’ Jamsil Dome plan, a national hitter and a salty drinker… “Please think of your fans first.”

“We must consider the special situation of Seoul.”

On the 18th, Seoul City announced plans to build Jamsil Dome Stadium (tentative name).

The plan is to demolish the baseball stadium in the current sports complex located in Songpa-gu, Seoul, and build a new, closed dome stadium with approximately 30,000 seats in its place.

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Jamsil Dome Stadium is scheduled to open in earnest after the end of the 2025 season. With auxiliary facilities such as hotels and restaurants in place, it presents a bright future in which Korean baseball culture can be taken to the next level.

The problem is the process. The Doosan Bears and LG Twins, who will use Jamsil Stadium as their home after 2025, will have to relieve themselves. But there is nowhere to go. No suitable alternative for temporary shelter was provided.

The most realistic alternative considered was to remodel Jamsil Main Stadium next to Jamsil Stadium into a baseball stadium. However, the Seoul Metropolitan Government expressed dissatisfaction after safety management.

The next alternative is to have one team go to Gocheok Sky Dome, which is used as the home of Kiwoom Heroes, and Mokdong Stadium, where the amateur baseball tournament is currently held. However, it is assessed that there are facility problems in having two clubs at Gocheok Dome. Mokdong Stadium is not only an old facility, but also can cause noise damage to local residents. In addition, Doosan and LG’s advertising and admission revenue issues are also issues that cannot be overlooked.

The coaches of the two teams responded with one voice regarding the issue of wandering life due to the ‘Jamsil Dome Stadium’. “Please think about the fans.”바카라사이트

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop said, “The most important thing is that people who come to watch baseball must feel comfortable watching. They must watch in a good environment. These days, the spectator culture has matured and developed a lot. We cannot not take that into consideration.” .

Coach Lee emphasized, “Seoul is a special city, so we can’t just think about Doosan. Since there are a lot of away spectators, we need to make sure that they can enjoy the game comfortably.”

LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop shared his thoughts with a more specific alternative. Coach Yeom said, “I understand the club and KBO’s opinion is to use Jamsil Main Stadium. They say there are safety issues, but it should never be ruled out,” and added, “It is most convenient for fans to come right next to where the games used to be played. Safety.” “The problem is also important. Of course, the club and the city must work together to resolve it,” he said.

Director Yeom continued, “It makes no sense for fans to have to go to the wrong place for a long time of six years. How inconvenient would it be? Fans are also citizens of Seoul. It would be a pity for the fans to leave the optimal location and look for another place,” he said. “We must ensure that people do not experience any inconvenience,” he said emphatically.

Future plans lacking measures are only adding to confusion and embarrassment. The team that needs to find a place to go immediately is also a club, but the departure and cracking of fan sentiment, which is the foundation of professional baseball, can overshadow the meaning of building a new stadium.

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