‘Captain’ Park Jeong-ah “I have some regrets, but I will improve my condition”

‘Captain’ Park Jeong-ah “I have some regrets, but I will improve my condition”

The Korean women’s volleyball team began its final qualifying round for the Paris Olympics with a loss to Italy.

The national team lost to Italy with a set score of 0-3 in the first match of Group C of the final qualifying round for the 2024 Paris Olympics held at the Atlas Arena in Łódź, Poland on the 17th (Korean time).

National team captain Park Jeong-ah started as a starter in this game and scored 6 points. While her role required her to be centered on the court, she was also active in her own role.

Park Jeong-ah also utilized her trademark touch-out scoring in this day’s game. Although the service error was disappointing, he continued to gain strength by scoring a blocking goal.

After the game, Park Jeong-ah said, “I wanted to show a good performance as it was my first game, but it was a game that left a lot of disappointment.”

She continued by emphasizing, “I’m currently working on adjusting to jet lag and improving my physical condition.” Although he went on a day of on-court acclimatization training right after a long-distance flight and went on to play the game, he clearly looked like he was trying to do his best.

The national team has a busy schedule ahead of it, including the final qualifying round for the Paris Olympics and the Hangzhou Asian Games. Afterwards, they return to their respective teams.

Park Jeong-ah contributed greatly to the semifinals of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and also made a decisive contribution to Korea Expressway Corporation’s V2 last season. Afterwards, he became a free agent and wore the Pepper Savings Bank uniform.토토사이트

However, most of the off-season schedule is with the national team, so the time spent with the team is short. He spends every day realizing the importance of the Taegeuk mark. The same goes for this competition. In addition to demonstrating his own abilities, he is also paying attention to creating synergy effects among the players.

Park Jung-ah, who has six remaining games ahead of her, expressed her determination, saying, “I want to show a little better performance against strong teams.” It was a moment when I could feel the sincerity of showing progress despite a calm expression.

Coach Cesar expressed his will to be moderate in regard to Park Jung-ah, saying, “There are important schedules leading up to this tournament and the Asian Games. We will continue to deploy key players to bring out their performance.”

Park Jeong-ah prepares for the match against Poland on the 18th. Poland is on the rise recently, but we will try to face our opponents in front of the net through our own pace. In particular, Park Jeong-ah’s appearance as she catches her breath and regains strength overlaps with her performance at the Tokyo Olympics.

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