Lotte, free from irregularities, was also fortunate to be nominated

Lotte, free from irregularities, was also fortunate to be nominated

The Lotte Giants have used a lot of irregular strategies in the rookie draft in recent years.

This was true when they nominated Na Seung-yeop from Deoksu High School, who seemed likely to advance to the United States, when they strategically selected left-hander Kim Jin-wook from Gangneung High School, and when they drafted infielder Kim Min-seok from Whimoon High School in the first round, breaking initial expectations. However, this year, no such irregular trend was observed, and rather, it is evaluated that the nomination was completed quietly and smoothly.바카라사이트

Lotte Giants
selected talent in a timely manner

across all positions . At the 2024 rookie draft held at the Grand Ballroom of the Westin Chosun Hotel in Seoul on the 14th, the Lotte Giants selected the following players.

1st round: Gyeongbuk High School all-rounder Jeon Mir (youth national team)
2nd round: Busan High School-Songwon University pitcher Jeong Hyun-soo
Round 3: Daegu Sangwon High School
infielder Lee Ho-jun Round 4: Yushin High
School pitcher Park Jun-woo 5th round: Cheongju High School infielder Kang Seong-
woo Round 6: Whimoon High School pitcher Park Seong-
jun Round 7: Deoksu High School Outfielder Lee Seon-woo
, 8th round: Whimoon High School infielder Ahn Woo-jin,
9th round: Seoul High School outfielder So Han-bin,
10th round: Seoul Auto High School pitcher Jeon Ha-won,
11th round: Yatap High School-Dong-ui Science University infielder Yoo Je-mo

It is evaluated that the optimal number of selections for each round was well combined. It was expected that Jeon Mir, who had a solid foundation, would be selected in the first round. This is because he is a promising player who can do more than the basics if he settles down well in either pitcher or hitter. It is also impressive that he showed great spirit as the MVP of the Blue Dragon Championship. His determination to sacrifice his right arm for Lotte is remarkable.

Left-hander Jeong Hyun-soo, who made his name known through JTBC’s Strongest Baseball, also wore a Lotte uniform. As he originally graduated from Busan High School and played baseball in Busan, the key is whether he can show himself in his hometown. His curveball and ball control are outstanding, so he could debut in the first team before Jeon Mir.

Daegu Sangwon High School shortstop Lee Ho-jun, whose defensive ability is said to be better than Samsung coach Park Jin-man’s days at Incheon High School, was also selected. There is a presumption that the existing infield resources should be strong enough to overcome the competition, but prospects with that level of defensive ability are rare. There is a high possibility that he will enter the first team first as a major defensive player. Since his feet are fast and his batting skills are above average, systematic training is necessary.

Yushin High School’s ‘handsome pitcher’ Park Jun-woo is a promising player who did his best at every difficult moment for the team. Considering that he throws a fast ball approaching 150km, one wonders how such a talented player got down to the 4th round. His future is bright, as his control is excellent and his guts are good. Cheongsu High School infielder Kang Seong-woo, Whimoon High School pitcher Park Seong-jun, and Deoksu High School leadoff Lee Seon-woo also appear to have chosen the right turn.

Lotte’s luck lies in the fact that it welcomed an unexpectedly good talent in the lower rounds. There was nothing strange about Whimoon High School infielder Ahn Woo-jin and Seoul High School outfielder So Han-bin being selected in the middle round. Both Ahn Woo-jin, who has good batting power, and So Han-bin, who received a passing grade in slugging ability, can aim for first-team backup roles depending on their choice.

Jeon Ha-won, a pitcher at Automobile High School, is a strategic choice looking three to four years in the future, and Yoo Je-mo, who played at a local university, is said to have improved his skills after experiencing the high school vs. college all-star game.

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