Japan’s first professional baseball championship in 18 years… Celebrating ‘plunging into the river’

Japan’s first professional baseball championship in 18 years… Celebrating ‘plunging into the river’

Hanshin of the Japanese professional baseball team won the championship for the first time in 18 years. 

Happy fans celebrated by jumping into the river. 

A dive of excitement, a tradition for fans of this club. 

This is reporter Kwon Sol.

The moment the championship was confirmed by defeating Yomiuri 4-3, the Hanshin players rushed to the ground. 

The players embrace each other and shout at the coach from the sky.메이저놀이터

[Sound from the field]
“The support and high pride of the Hanshin Tigers seen from the center of the circle”

There are still 15 more games left, but the championship has been confirmed early, so it is almost like a festival. 

This is our first win in 18 years.

There is excitement outside the stadium.

A man jumps into the river shouting hurray.

[Sound from the scene]

The ‘no diving’ written on the banner and the protective shield erected by the police are useless. 

Rather than trying to stop them, everyone shouts out cheers.

Hanshin team fans have traditionally celebrated victory by falling into the Dotonbori River.

The excitement is the same as when the championship was won in 2003, when over 5,300 people participated.

The area around the river was filled with fans, with no room for even a needle.

[Sound from the scene]
“Our shining name, Hanshin Tigers,”

cheers echo in the subway.

As a fatal accident occurred during the victory 18 years ago, Japanese authorities deployed 1,300 police officers.

Rather, excited fans encourage the police, who are trying to stop them, to celebrate. 

[Sound from the scene]
“You jump in too!”

Due to the continued heat, the Korean Consulate General advised people to refrain from visiting the Dotonbori area at night until the weekend.

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