16th lottery pick, KT, the strongest player in the draft

16th lottery pick, KT, the strongest player in the draft

Suwon KT won the first overall selection at the ‘2023 KBL Rookie Draft Nomination Ranking Drawing Ceremony’ held at the KBL Center on the 14th. KT recorded 21 wins and 33 losses last season, falling to 8th place overall. In this nomination ranking lottery, he had 16%, and with the luck of the lottery, he was able to obtain the first overall nomination.

In this draft, Korea University forward Moon Jeong-hyun (22‧194cm), guard Park Moo-bin (23‧184.4cm), and Yonsei University guard Yoo Yu-sang (22‧188cm) are called the Big 3, and KT can select one of the three first according to their preference. I have a choice. While Moon Jeong-hyun is known to be the most advanced, Park Moo-bin and Yu Yoo-sang are also evaluated as having the competitive edge to aim for first place.

As KT took the first pick, those around them are paying attention to the amazing draft luck that has continued since before. KT is a team that has exercised more lottery picks than any other team in the KBL. This kind of pick luck is consistent even when the hometown is changed to Suwon after Gwangju, Yeosu, and Busan.

Starting with Byeon Cheong-woon (4th place), Cho Sang-hyeon (1st place), Kim Ki-man (3rd place), Jeon Hyeong-soo (2nd place), Jin Gyeong-seok (3rd place), Ok Beom-jun (2nd place), Bang Seong-yoon (1st place), Jang Jae-seok (1st place) , Choi Chang-jin (4th place), Heo Hoon (1st place), Yang Hong-seok (2nd place), Park Jun-young (1st place), Park Ji-won (2nd place), Ha Yoon-gi (2nd place), Lee Doo-won (2nd place) and the one who secured the 1st place this year. It’s a state. There are a total of 16 lottery picks, with 6 each for 1st and 2nd place.

Cho Sang-hyun, the first pick, was expected to grow into the team’s franchise star, but due to a trade with Hyun Joo-yeop, he moved to SK without playing much. As for Jeon Hyeong-soo, he had a deeper affection for the Yeosu team than anyone else, but due to difficult team circumstances, he was transferred to Ulsan Mobis. I experienced the sadness of being traded for cash. Genius guard Ok Beom-jun, who was considered to be one step ahead of Yang Dong-geun in his days, was unable to even spread his wings properly due to injury.

The first choice after moving to Busan was Bang Seong-yoon. Bang Seong-yoon, who has been a key player in the national team since his days at Yonsei University, was outstanding in his skills and marketability. Even though many overseas players, including Kim Hyo-beom, entered the draft, he was fixed on Bang Seong-yoon as the first pick. However, Bang Seong-yoon, who preferred the metropolitan area, did not welcome the trip to Busan.

In the end, at that time, KTF had no choice but to carry out a trade, sending Bang Seong-yoon (nomination rights), Jeong Rak-young, and Kim Ki-man to SK and receiving Sang-hyeon Cho, Jin-won Hwang, and Han-kwon Lee. The best non-lottery pick is by far the 2006 draft. It is being evaluated as a disappointing draft with Jeon Jeong-gyu as the first pick and Noh Gyeong-seok as the second pick, but that was not the case for KT.

I may not have had such expectations from the beginning, but Cho Seong-min, who was selected as the 8th pick, became a big hit and was drafted quite a bit, so I was not envious of the lottery pick. In 2010, I selected Lee Jung-hyun as the 2nd pick, but due to a trade with KGC the previous season, I had no choice but to send him to Anyang. There was none. If it weren’t for that, an all-time great pair of guns named Jo Seong-min and Lee Jeong-hyeon would have emerged.

Jae-do Lee’s 5th place nomination in 2013 is also evaluated as a success compared to the ranking of nominations, although not as good as Cho Seong-min. On the other hand, in the October 2012 draft, Jang Jae-seok, who was the biggest big man at the time, was selected as SK’s first round pick. Park Sang-oh’s sign-and-trade brought him the right to be drafted, and coincidentally, he also had the good fortune of being ranked first.메이저사이트

His reputation as a full-fledged draft powerhouse began in 2017. Led by Heo Hoon, the score was 1(+2)-1-7-2-2-2-1, making it a true jackpot of being ranked 1st and 2nd for all 7 years except 2019. You will have the good fortune of exercising 3 first-choice and 4 second-choice picks during the period. As a result, many people said that former director Seo Dong-cheol was lucky.

However, looking at the fact that he received first place even after he stepped down, the story that ‘Isn’t it thanks to Heo Hoon inheriting the lottery luck of his father Heo Jae’ seems to be gaining persuasiveness(?). In addition, there is even an opinion that sees Kim Young-hwan as a lucky mascot in that he was able to select Yang Hong-seok as the second choice during the Heo Hoon draft due to KT’s Cho Seong-min + 2nd round pick ↔ LG’s Kim Young-hwan + 1st round pick. This is a point where you can see that KT’s draft luck is being envied.

If KT selects Moon Jeong-hyun, the key members who led Korea University’s heyday, in addition to Ha Yoon-ki and Lee Doo-won, will be united on one team. In a situation where players must be selected through a draft, it is not uncommon for alumni seniors and juniors who played as core members to come together on a specific team over the course of a year. During the off-season, KT recruited Moon Seong-gon as a free agent, and he is called ‘Supermoon’ by fans. If Moon Jeong-hyeon joins in, two Super Moons will be able to be together. KT fans are just happy with the continued draft luck.

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