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Sweden advances to the quarterfinals after beating the United States in a penalty shoot-out in ‘Women’s World Cup 3rd consecutive challenge’

Sweden’s women’s soccer defeated the defending champions, the United States, and advanced to the quarterfinals at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

In the Round of 16 match against the United States held at Rectangular Stadium in Melbourne, Australia on the 6th (Korean time), Sweden drew without scoring in the first half and overtime, then defeated Sweden 5-4 in the penalty shootout to advance to the quarterfinals.

With this, the challenge of the United States, which challenged the first three consecutive women’s World Cups in history following the 2015 Canadian tournament and the 2019 French tournament, has stopped. This is the first time the U.S. has been eliminated in the World Cup round of 16. It is a traditional powerhouse that has reached the semifinals in all eight previous World Cups.

Sweden, who placed third in the last tournament, aims to advance to the semifinals for the second time in a row against Japan on the 11th.

The fate of the two teams, who could not decide the winner for 120 minutes, was decided by a penalty shootout.

It seemed that the United States had a chance to win first.

While the second kicker was successful, Sweden made a mistake on the third kicker. In the third, USA’s Christy Mewes succeeded, while Natalie Bjorn’s (Sweden) shot missed the target.

But the opportunity for America to flee was missed.

In the fourth kicker that followed, neither side was successful, and Sophia Smith (USA), the last fifth kicker, missed the opportunity to finish the game. Sweden’s Hannah Benison dramatically succeeded and turned the game around 3-3.

Then, the sixth kicker succeeded side by side, and the seventh kicker came out from 4-4.

Kelly O’Hara (USA) calmly aimed for the right side of the goal, but Sweden had a chance by hitting the post.

In Sweden, Lina Hurtig came out. The ball kicked by Hurtig was caught in the hands of goalkeeper Alyssa Naer (USA), but afterward, it was judged that the ball crossed the goal line, and Sweden’s goal was recognized, confirming Sweden’s 5-4 victory.

The Swedish players shed tears of joy and enjoyed the joy, while the American players comforted each other with hot tears.

The Netherlands, ranked 9th in FIFA rankings and runner-up four years ago, beat South Africa (ranked 54th in FIFA rankings) 2-0 in the round of 16 of the tournament held at the Sydney Football Stadium in Sydney, Australia.

The Netherlands, who advanced to the finals at the 2019 French tournament, but lost 0-2 to the world’s No. 1 United States and had to be content with a runner-up, the best ever, took first place in Group E of the group stage of this tournament (2 wins, 1 draw, 7 points). passed

The Netherlands, who reached the round of 16 for the third time in their career, defeated South Africa and advanced to the quarterfinals for the second time after the World Cup in France.

The Netherlands will play the quarterfinals on the 11th against Spain (ranked 6th in the FIFA rankings), who defeated Switzerland 5-1 the previous day.

South Africa, which was eliminated from the group stage due to all three losses in the 2019 tournament, where it first participated, ranked second in the group (1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss, 4 points) following Sweden (3 wins, 9 points) in Group G of the group stage of this tournament. It reached the round of 16, but finished the tournament without surpassing the Netherlands.

South African striker Magayga, who is a member of Sejong Sports Toto in the Korean women’s unemployment soccer WK league, started and played until extra time in the second half, but could not prevent defeat.먹튀검증

Magayga made a strong impression in the tournament, scoring South Africa’s second goal in the Women’s World Cup finals in the group stage against Sweden.

In the 9th minute of the first half, the Netherlands opened the scoring with Gilles Lorth’s goal.

With her fourth goal of the tournament, Rort tied for second place with German striker Alexandra Pope, who was eliminated in the group stage after drawing with Korea.

It is one goal behind the leading scorer Hinata Miyazawa (Japan, 5 goals).

In the 23rd minute of the second half, the Netherlands broke South Africa’s will to pursue with an additional goal by Lynette Beirenstein.

I couldn’t sleep” 4 years old + a series of mistakes like lies… The burning inside of the command tower

 “The moment I lay down on the bed and went to sleep, yesterday’s game came into my mind. I didn’t sleep well.”

It is a series of ‘sweet potato defeats’. The inside of the command tower is burning tight.

Lotte will play the last game of the weekend series against SSG Landers at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 6th.

Of the seven series in July, there was only one winning (against Jamsil Doosan Bears on July 25-27). Even before the mood was reversed, he was immediately swept in three consecutive matches against the KIA Tigers in Gwangju.

The 6 home matches that followed were a series with an atmosphere in the second half for Lotte, who was shaken. However, after recording 1 win and 2 losses against NC Dinos, 2 consecutive losses and 3 consecutive series losing were confirmed in the ‘Distribution Derby’ with SSG.

Each defeat is a series of games that upset Lotte fans. In particular, even after winning all 3 games against NC, they suffered 2 defeats due to a reverse defeat. The 1st game was overturned in the 11th inning, and the 3rd game presented a life struggle to Widener, who was in a state of ‘exit confirmed’.

Against SSG, he was beaten 7 hits in 9 at-bats by Choo Shin-soo for two days, and suffered a come-from-behind defeat the previous day with 4 double hits and a series of absurd mistakes. The damage was extraordinary as it was a defeat suffered by a ‘distribution rival’ from a mart to a coffee shop.

The gap with the 5th place KT Wiz widened to 5 and a half games. The sluggishness in June and July continued into August. It’s hard to avoid the sarcastic remark, “Spring is a month longer.”

Lotte coach Larry Sutton, who I met before the game, said, “After the game, I had a delicious dinner with my family (in Korea). But the moment I fell asleep, I remembered the moments of yesterday’s game.” The somewhat bloodshot eyes and rough face showed the recent hardships of the heart.

In particular, the scene of a grounder on third base at the bottom of the fifth inning with one out and bases loaded with a 5-3 lead was the most heartbreaking part. Han Dong-hee, who raised the ground ball, stepped on third base and threw it home instead of first base. If catcher Jeong Bo-geun catches and tags the runner on third base, the inning ends, but Jeong Bo-geun stands blankly. That’s how I caught up with 1 point, and ended up losing. Subsequently, there was an appearance that Yoon Dong-hee could not catch up with Choi Joo-hwan’s left-handed fly ball.먹튀검증

what the hell was going on Manager Sutton explained, “Han Dong-hee’s batted ball was slow, so we decided that it was better to throw it at home rather than first base. However, Han Dong-hee caught the ball and shot third base almost at the same time, and Jung Bo-geun made the mistake of not checking it.”

Then, regarding Yoon Dong-hee, “Once the defensive position started in the left middle (according to the shift), the start and batting judgment were good. Normally, it was a ball to catch enough.” Bonnie couldn’t reach the ball,” he added.

Manager Sutton said, “Fortunately, the overall batting cycle is increasing. There are many left bases, but it means that we have created a lot of scoring situations. We are doing well on base, and the pitchers are fighting as much as possible,” he tried to find the positive part.

Moving to the invincible LG doesn’t make you weak against Samsung…Choi Won-tae gives up 6 runs in 5 innings

Switching teams didn’t make him any weaker. LG’s Won-tae Choi was swept by Samsung.

Choi Won-tae, who turned heads with a 9.90 ERA in his youth, faced Samsung for the first time since his transfer. He started the game against Daegu on Friday and gave up six runs in five innings (nine hits (one home run), one walk and four strikeouts).

Taking the mound with a lead thanks to the firepower of his teammates, he gave up a run in the first inning on a triple by Kim Hyun-jun and a sacrifice fly by Kim Sung-yoon. He induced Koo Ja-ook and Kang Min-ho to strike out swinging and ground out to second base, respectively. He gave up an infield single to leadoff hitter Ryu Ji-hyuk in the second, but retired the next three batters.토토사이트

In the top of the third, Kim Hyun-jun and Kim Sung-yoon singled, followed by a double by Koo Ja-ook. Kang Min-ho was hit by a pitch to load the bases, and Ryu Ji-hyuk followed with a sacrifice fly to center field. Kim Tae-hoon grounded out to second base to end the inning.

LG Choi Won-tae / OSEN DB

With the bases loaded in the fourth inning, Lee Jae-hyun battled through eight pitches before giving up a solo shot to left. Kim Dong-jin and Kim Hyun-jun were able to keep the bases loaded and no more runs scored.

In the fifth inning, Kim Sung-yoon and Koo Ja-rook singled to put runners on first and second with no outs. Kang Min-ho flied out to center field, but the runner from second, Kim Sung-yoon, made it to third. Ryu Ji-hyeok singled to right and stole second for the sixth run. After striking out Kim Tae-hoon, he induced Oh Jae-il to fly out to center field to end the inning.

Won-tae Choi gave way to Dong-hwan Choi in the sixth inning, trailing 3-6. He threw 77 pitches, 57 for strikes. He topped out at 147 mph and threw a mix of curveballs, two-seam fastballs, cut fastballs, and changeups.

LG lost 3-6 to Samsung to clinch the best-of-seven series.

Team K League ‘Coach’ Choi Won-kwon reflects on the ATM game “It was the All-Star Game and we had a meeting for two hours”

“We had a meeting for two hours.”

Daegu FC, led by head coach Choi Won-kwon, will face Ulsan Hyundai in the 25th round of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 on May 5 at DGB Daegu Bank Park. Daegu is in seventh place with 33 points. They have two draws and one loss in three league games.

Ulsan has won both meetings this season. Daegu suffered a 0-3 home defeat in their last meeting. They have scored one goal and conceded six in two games. Speaking to the media before the game, Choi said, “Ulsan will play like Ulsan. That’s how Ulsan soccer is. We don’t have many cards to play. I think the weather will be the biggest variable. It’s a positive that we don’t have any injuries except for Beltolan. I think the players will play with pride,” he said.먹튀검증

Choi also traveled to the Team K League to assist Hong. “It was very uncomfortable. The staff were all Ulsan people,” he laughed, then added, “Coach Hong gave me advice as a coach. I learned a lot about why Ulsan can win the championship. I tried to get as much as I could, but the game is a cold one. I know he’s a cold person. It’s the challenger’s position. I hope I can smile today,” he reiterated.

On the KFA’s YouTube channel, Hong and Choi discussed player substitutions during a Team K League match. When Hong suggested replacing Seol Young-woo, Choi wasn’t sure, and Seol remained the only player in the squad to play full time. Choi said, “There’s a lot of time left in the league, so it doesn’t matter, but I saw how much the coach wanted to win. In my opinion, Young-woo played the best. We struggled without Timo,” Choi said, adding, “We had two-hour meetings. We had that long of a meeting at the All-Star Game. I made my opinion clear as a coach. There was no selfishness at all. I just wanted to win,” he laughed.

Daegu scored only four goals in five games in July. There were also two scoreless matches. Choi said, “It’s the first time in years that I’ve been unhappy with the players because of the lack of goals lately. Our scoring was poor in July,” Choi said. Rookie Lee Jong-hoon, born in 2002, will make his first start in place of Ko Jae-hyun, who is unable to play due to accumulating cautions.

“He looked like he deserved the chance,” said Choi. We can’t take Edgar off in the second half because of his age. We’re going to rotate in the first half and give the younger players a chance. (Lee Jong-hoon) is a sincere guy, he’s from Daegu Youth and he has skills. We’ll try to put pressure on him early on by defending well and using our speed to find space behind the defense. Hopefully, we can drag it out to 45 minutes.”

However, midfielder Beltolan, a summer signing, did not make the roster. Choi said, “He was on vacation when he came to Korea. He was on vacation when he came to Korea. As for the rehabilitation trainer, he trained positively. From next week, he will start training with the team.” “If he has a strong will, he will be able to improve his body. I’m on loan, so it’s going to be a while before I’m ready to play. I have a headache. We are short of midfielders. I didn’t have much fun using (the late) Jae-hyun as a midfielder,” he lamented.

‘All 3 Korean gunmen in substitutes’ …Celtic reveal starting line-up for Ross County clash Yang Hyun-joon + Kwon Hyuk-kyu ‘make league debuts’

As Celtic prepare for their league opener, all three of the Korean trio who will be playing for the Hoops this season have been named on the substitutes’ bench, raising hopes that we could see the trio in action from the start of the season.

Celtic announced their opening day lineup on Friday ahead of their Scottish Premiership First Round match against Ross County at Celtic Park in Glasgow, Scotland at 8:30 p.m. (ET).

Celtic starts Joe Hart in goal, with Anthony Ralston, Cameron Carter-Vickers, Mike Navroski, and Greg Taylor in defense.먹튀검증

In the midfield, Callum McGregor, David Turnbull, and Matthew O’Reilly combine to form the back four. In the front three, Riel Abada, Daisen Maeda, and Kyogo Furuhashi will try to find the Ross County goal.

Oh Hyun-gyu, Yang Hyun-joon, and Kwon Hyuk-kyu were all named on the substitutes’ bench after failing to make the starting lineup, and should expect to come on late.

Celtic, who are unbeaten in their last eight games against opening day opponents Ross County, will be looking to set the tone from the opening whistle by catching the Hoops off guard.

After winning the league, Scottish Cup, and League Cup last season under manager Angie Postecoglou, en route to a record eighth treble, Celtic are ready for a fresh start this season under new manager Brendan Rodgers.

Rodgers, formerly of Leicester City, was sacked midway through the 2022/23 season due to poor results, and Postecoglou, a former Celtic manager, took over the reins at Tottenham.

Rodgers had previously managed Celtic from 2016 to 2019, when he led the Hoops to dominant trebles in both the 2016/17 and 2017/18 seasons.

What makes Celtic even more intriguing this season are the South Korean players who have been touted as the future of Celtic’s midfield and attack. Celtic have already attracted a lot of attention for their Asian signings since 2021, with the likes of Kyogo Furuhashi, Daizen Maeda, and Leo Hatate joining the club two seasons ago and excelling.

In the winter transfer window of the 2022/23 season, the Hoops brought in Oh Hyun-Gyu. Oh quickly fit in at Celtic. He scored seven goals in just half the season. The striker’s spot was already taken by Japanese striker Kyogo Furuhashi, so he played mostly as a late substitute, but his pure goalscoring helped Celtic win the treble.

It wasn’t just the Japanese players who were having fun with Oh, either, as Celtic began to set their sights on the Asian market. This summer, they signed Yang Hyun-joon from Gangwon FC and Kwon Hyuk-gyu from Busan I-Park.

Celtic announced the signings of Yang Hyun-joon and Kwon Hyuk-gyu back-to-back on the club’s official website on March 24.

Celtic first announced the signing of Yang Hyun-joon. “We are delighted to announce that highly-rated South Korean player Yang Hyun-jun has joined the club on a five-year contract,” the club said, adding: “The 21-year-old striker, who won the K League Young Player of the Year award last season, joins fellow South Korean striker Oh Hyun-kyu at Celtic Park.”

“22-year-old midfielder Kwon Hyuk-gyu will join new signing Yang Hyun-joon and fellow countryman Oh Hyun-gyu at Celtic Park,” the club added.

“I’m delighted to have him and I’m sure he’ll be another great addition,” Brendan Rodgers said at the time.

“He’s an exciting player who was named Young Player of the Year in South Korea last season, which is a testament to his quality, and I’m looking forward to seeing him make a big impact at Celtic.”

While Oh has already settled into the team, Yang and Kwon have begun preparing for the start of the season by playing in pre-season matches.

Both players started their Celtic careers in the club’s preseason matches against Wolverhampton Wanderers and Athletic Bilbao.

Having warmed up in the friendlies, the trio are now waiting to get their feet wet against Ross County, with all three named on the substitutes’ bench. If they do, it will be the first time since the ‘Train Duo’ of Ki Sung-yueng and Cha Doo-ri that Celtic have had two or more Koreans playing at the same time.

It would also be the first time three Koreans have played together in a European league since Goo Ja-cheol, Hong Jung-ho, and Ji Dong-won played for Augsburg (Germany). Oh Hyun-gyu and Kwon Hyuk-gyu played together at Gimcheon Commerce during their military service. Oh and Yang are also known for their close friendship.

On the other hand, the Korean trio, who have already played in the preseason, are not guaranteed a starting spot for the upcoming season.

With Japanese strikers like Maeda and Furuhashi already in place, it’s hard to see Rodgers suddenly opting to start the Koreans. However, all three players have been given consistent opportunities in preseason, so it’s likely that they will continue to see action, even if it’s as substitutes, in league and cup games once the season starts.

It will be interesting to see if the three players named to the substitutes’ bench against Ross County will be available for the league opener.

Hanwha’s Chae Eun-sung returns for 4th time…KIA’s Kim Do-young debuts for 3rd time, Choi Hyung-woo & Teth rested

The KIA Tigers made a change to their batting lineup in the heat. The Hanwha Eagles brought back Chae Eun-sung to bat No. 4 in an effort to rebound.

KIA head coach Kim Jong-kook left Choi Hyung-woo and Socrates Brito out of the starting lineup for Friday’s game against the Hanwha Eagles at Gwangju-GIA Champions Field.

KIA went with Choi Won-jun (first base), Park Chan-ho (shortstop), Kim Do-young (third base), Na Sung-beom (designated hitter), Kim Sun-bin (second base), Ko Jong-wook (left field), Lee Woo-sung (right field), Kim Tae-gun (catcher), and Kim Ho-ryung (center field).

Recently, the team’s physical condition declined due to continuous play in the sweltering heat. KIA excluded them for physical fitness management and player protection, and said they will wait for the second half.먹튀검증

With the two players out, Park Chan-ho was moved to the No. 2 spot and paired with Choi Won-joon as the table-setters. Kim Do-young bats third for the first time in her career. Kim Ho-ryung will start in center field for the first time.

Hanwha’s lineup is Jung Eun-won (second base), Kim Tae-yeon (right field), Noh Si-hwan (third base), Chae Eun-sung (designated hitter), Moon Hyun-bin (center field), Williams (left field), Oh Sun-jin (first base), Lee Do-yoon (shortstop) and Park Sang-un (catcher).

Chae Eun-sung, who had missed two games with a right hamstring strain, batted fourth. The day before, Hanwha had left nine stranded runners on base as the batting lineup lacked cohesion without Chae. The team will be counting on KIA left-hander Panoni to take advantage.

The most expensive center back in history is here, and Pep admits it…”In medical, hopefully the transfer will be finalized”

Pep Guardiola has admitted that Josuco Gervinho is undergoing a medical at Manchester City.

City will take on Arsenal in the English Football Association (FA) Community Shield at Wembley Stadium in London, England, at 7:00 a.m. ET.

In his pre-match press conference, Guardiola was asked about Gervinho. “It’s a very beautiful name. He’s undergoing medicals now. I hope to finalize the transfer in the next few hours or days.” In effect, he confirmed the signing.

City won the treble last season. They won the English Premier League (EPL) over Arsenal, then won the FA Cup with a Manchester derby victory over Manchester United. They even toppled Inter Milan to win the UEFA Champions League (UCL). Having done it all, City will have to work hard to defend their trophies next season.

This summer, they only signed Mateo Kovacic. Ilkay Gundogan is gone, while Bernardo Silva and Kyle Walker have been linked with moves away. Looking to bolster their squad, City have pushed for the signing of Gbadiol. With the likes of Jermain Defoe, John Stones, Manuel Akanji, and Nathan Ake, City are looking to build one of the best defenses in Europe.

Gbardiol is the best center back in Europe right now. Born in 2002, Gvardiol grew up in Dinamo Zagreb and played for the Croatian A team from a young age. During his time at Dinamo Zagreb, he was considered to be the future of the Croatian national team’s defense. His physicality and defensive discipline earned him plenty of opportunities in the Zagreb first team.

This led to a call-up to the Croatia A team, where he played at UEFA Euro 2020. Being a left-footed center back is a specialty. He’s physically strong, defensively sound, and forward, and his versatility to play both left center back and left back makes him even more valuable. This means you can use him to change your defensive tactics according to the situation and the opponent.

Gvardiol moved to Leipzig in 2021 to further develop and become a first-team defender, where he has become one of the best center backs in the German Bundesliga. His physicality, defensive ability, left-footed build-up and forward movement make him everything a modern center back should be. It’s a skill set and experience that deserves a high price tag. Considering his age, he’s sure to improve in the future. He’s a world-class center back who can only get better.스포츠토토

City have been trying to sign Gvardiol and seemed to be close to a deal, but there has been little news of late. Then, on April 4, transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano tweeted, “Gervinho has signed the paperwork for City. City will pay 90 million euros. He will travel to Manchester to undergo the first medical. He will be the most expensive center back in history.”

With even Guardiola admitting it, Gervinho’s move to City is official. Barring a major upset, he will soon break the record for the most expensive center back in football history.

KBO nears 5 million attendance milestone…TV ratings up year-over-year

The 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League is on the verge of reaching 5 million fans.

The 2023 KBO League is 78 fans away from reaching the 5 million mark with a cumulative attendance of 4,999,922 fans in 452 games through the third day. If the league reaches 5 million fans on the 4th, it will have reached 1 million fans in 93 games since reaching 4 million fans on the 2nd of last month. The number of games to reach 4-5 million is the second-fastest trend since 2015, when the 10-team format began.

The overall average attendance over the three-day period was 11,062, a 34% increase over the same number of matches the previous year. The club with the highest average attendance per game is league leader LG. With a total of 795,151 fans in 49 games at home, an average of 16,228 fans per game, LG ranks first among the 10 clubs in total attendance and average attendance.메이저사이트

This is followed by SSG (14,755), Lotte (13,258), Doosan (13,025), Samsung (10,040) and KIA (11,192), with six of the 10 clubs averaging more than 10,000 fans per game. Kiwoom had the highest increase, jumping from an average of 4548 to 8000 fans last season, a whopping 76% year-on-year increase. NC saw a 70% increase, while Lotte and Hanwha each saw a 48% increase in attendance.

It’s worth noting that this is ahead of the pace of the pre-COVID-19 season. The average attendance is up about 3.4% compared to the same number of games in 2019, and the number of games needed to reach 5 million spectators from the start of the season has been slightly reduced from 463 games in 2019 to 457 games this season.

This season has been marked by a disproportionate number of canceled games due to frequent rains since spring, but with the return of normalcy, fans are returning to the ballpark.

Television ratings have also risen amid fierce competition in the standings. According to Nielsen Korea, the average viewership rating for the 2023 KBO League was 0.864% on a three-day basis (based on households nationwide), an increase of about 6% from the same number of games last season.

Home run leader Noh Si-Hwan, KIA’s Yoon Young-Cheol, Arch No. 22 of the season

(SEOUL, South Korea) Oct. 4 (Yonhap) – Hanwha Eagles’ home run leader Noh Si-hwan hit a two-run arch against the KIA Tigers.메이저사이트

Noh hit a two-run homer off Yoon Young-chul in the top of the fifth inning with the score tied at 4-4 at Kia Champions Field in Gwangju on Thursday.

On a one-ball no-strike, Noh crushed Yoon’s two-pitch slider for a 120-meter arching shot.

It was Noh’s first home run in five games since he added a home run against the SSG Landers on March 29.

With his 22nd home run of the season, Noh widened the gap between himself and SSG’s Choi Jung (20) for second place in the category.

Al Ahli indifferent to big bids…World Cup star says ‘only Man United’

Sofiane Amrabat, 26, Fiorentina, is insisting on a move to Manchester United.

“Amrabat will even reject an offer from Al Ahli to join United this summer,” British outlet TalkSPORT reported on Wednesday.

Amrabat used the World Cup in Qatar to boost his stock. His prolific play and seamless transition of the ball made him a star player as Morocco reached the quarterfinals.

His performance continued with his club. Amrabat has been an integral part of Fiorentina’s core this season, making 49 appearances across all competitions.스포츠토토

His consistent performances put him on United’s radar. The Red Devils have reportedly identified Amrabat as the ideal signing to take their midfield to the next level.

It wasn’t just a rumor. Amrabat’s brother, Nordin Amrabat, who is also his agent, recently confessed on air that “Eric ten Hagh is obsessed with my sister.”

“He’s watching him,” he said, “and he has a good relationship with him. He has a good relationship with him,” adding fuel to the Man United rumors.

The problem is, there’s another team that wants Amrabat. According to the report, Al Ahly want to sign Amrabat after Alain Saint-Maximilien.

Amrabat is not budging. According to Amrabat’s close associates, he is only considering a move to United as an option this summer.

Paying the transfer fee has become a challenge. United have accelerated the sale of Donny van der Beek and Fred to raise the funds needed to sign Amrabat.