Seoul and Suwon, who are in a hurry to go, a super match held on a single bridge

Seoul and Suwon, who are in a hurry to go, a super match held on a single bridge

Maybe it will be the last time, or maybe it will be a one-time confrontation. FC Seoul and Suwon Samsung will play their 3rd ‘Super Match’ this season this weekend. If you lose, you have to prepare for a drop in the rankings, a brinkmanship game. Seoul and Suwon have different resolutions for this confrontation.

Seoul and Suwon will play the 29th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 at Suwon World Cup Stadium on September 2nd. This is the 3rd Super Match of the season and the 102nd Super Match, and Seoul is ahead with 41 wins, 25 draws and 35 losses. Seoul won both super matches this season. In the first match on April 22, Seoul won 3-1, and in the second match on June 22, Seoul won 1-0.

The situation the two teams are in is desperate in a different sense.

Suwon is 11th in the relegation zone with 22 points. Since the start of the season, it has been difficult to get out of the relegation zone. In particular, it is only 1 point away from Gangwon FC (21 points), the lowest place that is directly relegated. If Gangwon loses in this super match and Gangwon wins, Suwon could fall to the bottom.

Suwon seemed to be on track with 3 wins, 4 draws and 1 loss in 8 matches, from Daegu FC on July 1 (1-1 draw) to Jeju United on August 18 (1-0 win). However, on the 27th, against Gwangju FC, they lost 0-4, and the good atmosphere subsided again. The key is how to bring back the atmosphere that has fallen ahead of the Seoul game.스포츠토토

Seoul is also in desperate need of a victory as it has been without a win in the last 6 games (4 draws and 2 losses). At one time, it was in a position to compete with the leader Ulsan Hyundai, but after that, the rankings began to fall as it showed severe ups and downs in performance. They are now in 5th place with 40 points. After the match against Daegu (2-2 draw) on the 19th, coach Ahn Ik-soo announced his ‘quick resignation’ and fell into confusion.

Fortunately, acting coach Kim Jin-kyu, who took over the baton after Ahn, managed to draw 2-2 in the 28th round match against Ulsan, which was his first coach. Although they did not secure victory, there were significant changes in their own way, such as using Ilyuchenko, who had been sluggish, for a long time, and he scored a goal.

If Seoul loses the Super Match, the leaderboard could fluctuate once again. If 6th place Incheon (40 points) and 7th place Daegu (38 points) win, they can fall to 7th place. Daejeon Hana Citizen (37 points) in 8th place and Jeju (34 points) in 9th place are also not far behind Seoul, so in the worst case, they could fall to the bottom. And this also means that Seoul and Suwon can once again play a super match in Final B.

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