Concerns about Clint’s choice… ‘Condition 100%’ No striker

Concerns about Clint’s choice… ‘Condition 100%’ No striker

Cho Kyu-seong, Oh Hyun-kyu, and Hwang Ui-jo are not 100%.

The Korea Football Association announced on the 28th (hereinafter Korean time) the 25-member list of the Korean men’s national team to participate in a friendly match in Europe in September. The Korean national team, led by coach Klinsman, will meet with Wales on the 8th and Saudi Arabia on the 13th for an evaluation match.

With voices of concern about manager Klinsman’s move ahead of the September evaluation match, another concern is the condition of the three strikers. Cho Kyu-seong, who showed his best performance after advancing to Europe, was injured on the 21st. Cho Kyu-sung, who was digesting the Brompton match, touched his hamstring in the 20th minute of the first half. The injury was not severe enough that he was able to walk off the pitch. Since then, Cho Kyu-seong has been recovering from an injury.

Coach Klinsman also explained that the selection of Cho Kyu-seong was not an unreasonable call, saying, “I decided that there was no difficulty in joining this call while continuing to communicate with my team, so I included it in the list.” Even a minor hamstring injury will take about two weeks to recover. There is a high possibility that the match against Wales, which will be held on the 8th, will be a comeback match for Cho Kyu-seong.

It was Cho Kyu-seong, who showed the best performance after moving to Mitwillan, but it is not easy to show 100% performance immediately after recovering from his injury. In the case of a hamstring injury, it will be difficult to digest all 90 minutes of the game because the injury is highly likely to recur.메이저사이트

The problem is that Cho Kyu-seong is not the only one in this situation. Oh Hyun-gyu has not been able to play since the match against Athletic Bilbao on the 2nd. Coach Brandon Rodgers said at the time, “Oh Hyun-gyu injured his calf in the match against Athletic Bilbao, but he trained without anyone knowing. He even trained on Sunday. After training, Oh Hyun-gyu told the medical department that there was something wrong with his calf. As a result, he had a problem with his calf. It will take four to six weeks,” he said.

Oh Hyun-gyu is also growing gradually as he successfully finishes the 2022-23 season, but has not been able to play for a month. Fortunately, it is scheduled to join from Scotland, so there will be no problems with local adaptation, but the sense of the game and physical strength cannot be 100%. Cho Kyu-seong is more concerned about his physical condition.

It is Hwang Eui-jo that has no health concerns, but the sense of the game is not good. Hwang Eui-jo, who returned to Nottingham immediately after his lease with FC Seoul expired, had a good start in the pre-season. From the first game of the preseason, he started scoring and raised expectations, but after that, he did not show much activity.

Hwang Eui-jo, who failed to score well in the starting competition, has not been able to show up since the friendly match against Stade Ren on the 3rd. He was sometimes included in the Premier League (EPL) match roster, but did not even make a substitute appearance. If the time of being unable to play continues, Hwang Ui-jo will also participate in the national team schedule after not being able to digest the game for about a month.

All three players, who are competing fiercely for strikers, are not in normal condition. I am concerned about whether we will be able to compete properly through the matches against Wales and Saudi Arabia. If the striker fails to show his presence, the burden of scoring will inevitably be concentrated on the captain, Son Heung-min.

Lee Kang-in, who led the attack under the Klinsman system, was also unable to be selected due to injury. Regarding this, coach Klinsman said, “Due to Lee Kang-in’s injury, difficulties are expected due to disruptions in game management. However, I will accept the reality and use it as an opportunity to prepare another plan.”

In order to clearly implement the new plan on the pitch, the good condition of the players should be the foundation, but the foundation is shaking and starting. I could have experimented with a different striker from the beginning like other positions, but coach Klinsman didn’t make any changes.

Hwang Eui-jo is the only striker who has scored in the 4 games played under Klinsman’s system. Cho Kyu-seong and Oh Hyeon-gyu also have to do their part, but it is regrettable that they are not in perfect physical condition. Whatever the consequences of this, the responsibility rests with Klinsman.

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