The catcher and the runner on third base collided at the home of ‘Heartbreak’, Kim In-tae’s fighting spirit to break the losing streak

The catcher and the runner on third base collided at the home of ‘Heartbreak’, Kim In-tae’s fighting spirit to break the losing streak

The catcher, who tried to tag immediately after catching the thrower and the runner who flew toward the home to score a first run, collapsed after colliding at home.

When the fallen runner In-tae Kim complained of pain and could not get up, head coaches of both teams ran out to check on the fallen player.

19 at Jamsil Stadium. In the match between Doosan Bears and NC Dinos, a thrilling scene was created in the third inning.

Doosan, which had to end a five-game losing streak, and NC, which had Ace Peddy as their starting pitchers. At the beginning of the game, Doosan Kim In-tae, who flew toward home to score the first point, collapsed after colliding with NC catcher Ahn Joong-yeol.

Doosan attacked in the 3rd inning, where the 0-0 tight match was continuing. I took the opportunity to raise the first point against NC starter Pedi. Leading batter Kim In-tae went on base with a walk after a 7-pitch game. Afterwards, Park Yoo-yeon succeeded in bunting from the first pitch as planned, leading to 1st out and 2nd base. Doosan got a chance to go 1st, 1st and 3rd with Park Joon-young’s infield hit. Subin Sue pulled NC starter Pedy’s 4th low changeup in a 1B 2S unfavorable ball count.

First baseman Hyung-jun Yoon, who was playing forward defense, caught the ball and immediately threw it home.

Third base runner Kim In-tae ran with all his might to score the first run. First baseman Yoon Hyung-joon’s throw was high, so catcher Ahn Joong-yeol, who jumped and caught it, continued the tag action as he landed.

Catcher Ahn Joong-yeol, who jumped and caught a high throw, and Kim In-tae, who slid towards home, ‘Two players doing their best’
At this time, Kim In-tae’s left foot, sliding toward the home, was caught by An Joong-yeol’s spike that landed. Kim In-tae collapsed on the spot complaining of pain. It was not intentional, but NC catcher Ahn Joong-yeol looked at the runner who collapsed after colliding with himself with a worried look. NC Jeon Jeon also ran to Doosan Chief Kim Han-soo and looked at Kim In-tae, who had collapsed. Fortunately, Kim In-tae got up with no major injuries, supported by a trainer.

Meanwhile, when umpire Jeong Jong-soo declared an out for the collision at home, manager Lee Seung-yeop requested a video review to see if the catcher blocked the home base. As a result of the reading, it was recognized as a movement that naturally continued in the defense process, and the centrifuge was maintained.메이저놀이터

Kim In-tae boldly threw himself at the moment when the first point was important in the beginning of the game to end his 5-game losing streak. Although he was out at home, the fans who visited the stadium applauded Kim In-tae, who played without sparing himself to break the losing streak.

Doosan succeeded in scoring the first run in the 5th inning, with Kim Jae-ho hitting 2 RBIs and 2 bases against NC starter Pedi in the 2nd, 3rd base. In the 7th inning, runner Kim In-tae took advantage of the opponent’s error when Jo Su-haeng hit infield with 1 out and 1st and 2nd base, and Rojas, the 1st out, scored an extra point with a pushout walk.

Doosan, who won 4-1, ended a five-game losing streak.

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