“Sex discrimination, no show, own goal!”… Ahead of the women’s WC final, British ‘Prince William’ is criticized! why?

“Sex discrimination, no show, own goal!”… Ahead of the women’s WC final, British ‘Prince William’ is criticized! why?

The long-awaited final of the 2023 International Football Federation (FIFA) Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup unfolds.

England and Spain clash at Stadium Australia on the 20th at 7pm (Korean time). Both teams have no winning experience. Whoever wins will create the first history of the Women’s World Cup.

England reached the final for the first time after reaching the semi-finals in the last two tournaments in a row. In the semifinals, they defeated host country Australia 3-1 to advance to the final. England is in a festive mood right now.

However, before the finals, something happened that ruined the festive atmosphere. It’s because of the British royal family. This is because no one from the British royal family is attending the stage where England is the first to reach the final and challenge for the first championship. The British royal family announced that they would watch the Women’s World Cup final on TV.

Then the accusations exploded. In particular, the criticism towards Prince William is strong. He is currently the head of the Football Association of England.

In addition, when news broke that Queen Leticia and Princess Infanta, representing the royal family, were attending the final and cheering for the Spanish national football team, the intensity of criticism toward Prince William intensified.

Politicians and fans unanimously raised their voices to criticize Prince William. Various criticisms such as no-show, sexism, and own goal came out.

Britain’s ‘Daily Star’ reported, “Prince William is being criticized for an own goal ahead of the Women’s World Cup final. The royal family is accused of insulting the England women’s national team.”

English politicians say: “No show. I’m not supporting the Women’s World Cup final and it’s completely nonsensical that we’re not ready yet. We will not be holding any kind of celebration if that is the case.”

“This scene shows how the royal family thinks of the England women’s national team. It’s so different from how they treat the men’s national team. The women’s national team is ignored and treated with disrespect.”토토사이트

“We know that if this were the men’s national team final, Prince William would be there no matter how far the flight to Australia was. If the men’s national team made it to the final, there is no chance that Prince William would go missing.”

English soccer fans also rose up. 

Fans said, ‘It is incomprehensible that the president of the association does not go to the World Cup final. I would go if it was the men’s national team”, “I’m really disappointed in Prince William. The girls did their best to climb up there. I have to go there and apply,’ and “Is the men’s national team worth more? Prince William should have already boarded a plane,” he voiced anger.

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