British media “I’m not sure Richarlison is following in Kane’s footsteps”… Richarlison, who missed a chance in the opening game, is frustrated with the Tottenham attack

British media “I’m not sure Richarlison is following in Kane’s footsteps”… Richarlison, who missed a chance in the opening game, is frustrated with the Tottenham attack

Tottenham is already keenly aware of the vacancy of Harry Kane (30, Bayern Munich).

Tottenham drew 2-2 with Brentford in the ‘2023-2024 Premier League Opening Game’ held at G-Tech Community Stadium in London, England at 10:00 pm (Korean time) on the 13th. Tottenham, who are aiming for the Big 4, started the season with a creak, feeling the absence of Kane.

It was Son Heung-min’s first match as captain after the transfer of Harry Kane and Hugo Lloris. Postecoglu’s league debut also attracted attention. However, Son Heung-min played only 75 minutes before being substituted. In the 26th minute of the first half, he showed a disappointing appearance, such as giving Brentford an excuse to tie the penalty.

In the place where Kane was missing, Richarlison took the lead. Son Heung-min, James Madison, and Dejan Kulusevski attacked in the second line. The key was how well Richarlison could fill Kane’s void.

Coincidentally, Tottenham’s defenders scored two goals while the attacking team stopped scoring. Playmaker Madison assisted both goals with sharp passes. From Tottenham’s first goal, Madison’s assist shone. In the 10th minute of the first half, Madison fired a sharp free kick from the left, and Romero ran in and finished it with his head.

Unfortunately, Son Heung-min gave the excuse for the equalizer. In the 22nd minute of the first half, Son Heung-min touched Jensen’s ankle while defending in the box, and a penalty kick was declared after a video review (VAR). Mpemo, who started as a kicker, tricked the goalkeeper and scored the equalizer.스포츠토토

Emerson’s equalizer in the 49th minute of the second half was also helped by Madison. Attackers such as Richarlison and Son Heung-min failed to properly fill the void left by Harry Kane. Tottenham was able to avoid the danger of defeat as the defenders scored goals thanks to Madison’s sharp toes.

Madison’s performance is impressive, but the sluggishness of Tottenham’s attack remains a homework. In particular, Richarlison gave a great disappointment by firing a mediocre shot at the winning goal chance at the end of the second half.

After the match, the British media ‘Mirror’ said, “Richallison scored only one goal in the Premier League last season. It’s understandable why Tottenham fans aren’t convinced that Richarlison is the player to follow in Kane’s footsteps. Postecoglu started the Brazilian, but he was quiet throughout the first half. In the second half, he shot more vigorously, but the opposing team’s goalkeeper blocked the shot well. That was all.”

Regarding Richarlison’s performance, Postecoglu said, “I worked hard today, but I couldn’t use him enough. He had a few chances but he was able to create more. Our point is to support him. He is a striker and will always work hard for the team.”

Harry Kane is a legend who won the top scorer by scoring 30 goals in his heyday. As Tottenham’s top scorer is missing, the entire Tottenham attack is shaking. The Kane-Son Heung-min duo, who jointly scored the most goals in Premier League history, was also disbanded. Without Kane, Son Heung-min has become a difficult environment to exert his power as before. It is the time when Richarlison needs to exert himself.

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