It’s a world competition, but the ‘three-judge system’ + Yang Sang-mun and even the last words… WBSC Organizing Committee

It’s a world competition, but the ‘three-judge system’ + Yang Sang-mun and even the last words… WBSC Organizing Committee

I was angry, but I held it in. I thought it was because ‘quickly’ is not Korea, which I am familiar with, but ‘Canada’. Still, this was too much. The Korean women’s national baseball team, which competed in the qualifiers for the ‘2024 Women’s Baseball World Cup’, is suffering from poor administration by the World Baseball Softball Association (WBSC), the organizing committee of the tournament.

There were a lot of problems from the game referee. On the 11th (Korean time), in the top of the 4th inning when they were losing 1-5 against Australia, lead batter Park So-yeon went on base with a clean left-handed hit. A stepping stone was prepared for the national team to follow the score. When Joo Eun-jung was at bat, Park So-yeon attempted to steal second base. Park So-yeon, who seemed to be safe at second base with her sliding body. But the verdict is out.

For a moment, everyone was perplexed. Park So-yeon strongly insisted that it was ‘safe’, but the judgment was not overturned. He collapsed and couldn’t get up from second base for a while.

A false referee ruling a safe out can happen enough in a baseball game. It often appears in the KBO League as well as in the American Major League (MLB). But this time the case was a little different. That’s because it was a ‘triple system’.

The moment Park So-yeon slid head-first, there was no referee at second base. Seeing Park So-yeon stealing base, the referee from third base hurriedly ran to second base. Ellis Lalement (Canada), who was the third base referee in the game that day, rushed to second base, leaving only questions about how accurately he judged the scene.

The qualifiers for the 2024 Women’s Baseball World Cup, which is being held in Thunder Bay, Canada, are being played in a ‘three-sim system’. There is no video reading, of course.

However, not all international women’s baseball tournaments are like this. In the ‘2023 Women’s Baseball Asian Cup (BFA)’ held in Hong Kong at the end of May, it was a ‘4-sim system’. The referee, 1st base umpire, 2nd base umpire, and 3rd base umpire were put together to play the game. Even in the regional qualifiers, which are one level lower than the ‘Women’s Baseball World Cup’, the game was played with a ‘4-sim system’, but in the world tournament, it is a ‘3-sim system’.

Hwang Jeong-hee, president of the Korea Women’s Baseball Federation (WBAK), who came to Canada with a team, denounced, saying, “The efforts of the players who practiced hard and sweat are in vain for each such absurd decision.”먹튀검증

In fact, in the game against Hong Kong, several national team players who turned to looking and striking out at the referee’s inconsistent ‘strike call’ cried endlessly after the match when they lost to Hong Kong by a score of 8-9.

Chairman Hwang said, “Our players have a difference in their skills, but they came all the way here after 20 hours of hard work in order to play hard against foreign players and learn from the good advanced baseball culture. However, because of this judgment and the poor management of the organizing committee, I feel regretful and angry that the things I did my best to prepare will end meaninglessly.”

Coach Yang Sang-moon of the national team strongly protests against the referee during the game against Australia held on the 11th (Korean time). Thunder Bay (Canada) | Reporter Hwang Hye-jeong.

“Do you know about baseball rules?”

When national team coach Yang Sang-moon came out to protest with an interpreter during the game against Australia, referee Alessia Chiconi (Italy), who served as the referee that day, said to a male student who served as Yang’s interpreter.

When I protested through an interpreter, they said, “Don’t protest if you don’t know the rules well.” It was a remark that disregarded the Korean national team and coach Yang Sang-moon. Then, coach Yang was enraged and argued with the referee, saying, “I know baseball.”

On this day, Chicony umpire criticized pitcher Lee Ji-sook, who had been on the mound for relief, for smearing her saliva when she brushed off rosin powder, and moved the runner, which was not even in the penalty rule. He made the remark when Yang ran out of the dugout and protested. However, the referee Chiconi eventually acknowledged his mistake and corrected it with a decision of granting one ball count.

A cancellation email from the WBSC tournament organizing committee to the Korea Women’s Baseball Federation (WBAK). It was announced 31 minutes and 54 minutes later than the scheduled time. Photo courtesy | WBAK Chairman Jeong-Hee Hwang.

WBSC’s atrocities did not stop there. On the 12th (Korean time), the national team was scheduled to play the fourth match against Canada. It rained from the morning of this day, so the previous two games were postponed due to rain.

The organizers of the tournament sent an e-mail to the officials of the Korea Women’s Baseball Federation, saying, “We will inform you of the stadium situation at 2:00 p.m., so please wait.” However, even at 2:00, there was no call, and it was only after 31 minutes that “the previous two games were canceled, but we have to wait a little longer for the Canada-Korea match. I will notify you again at 5:00 PM.”

In response, an official from the Korea Women’s Baseball Federation protested to the organizing committee, and only then did the organizing committee call the federation official at 5:00 that day, saying, “The match between Korea and Canada was postponed due to rain. The match is scheduled to be held on the 14th, but the time is undecided.” The official email came 54 minutes later.

In the end, the team ended up spending the whole day just sitting in their rooms, unable to properly rest or exercise.

In addition, the organizing committee delayed the game due to stadium circumstances during the match against Australia, and the process was not like the association in charge of international competitions.

The Port Arthur Stadium fence, where the Australian match was scheduled to be held, collapsed due to strong winds the day before the game. la,” he said.

However, the bus to take the national team home did not arrive for more than 20 minutes. In the end, the national team wasted 20 minutes on the street, and as soon as they entered the accommodation in the Australian national team bus full of luggage, not the national team bus, they came out again 10 minutes later and headed to the stadium to play the game.

Chairman Hwang Jeong-hee said, “Due to the poor administration of the tournament organizing committee, the condition of the national team players is not properly managed. It is partly because of our lack of skills, but for various reasons, we are not able to show our skills in the game. He said that the glove he pitched for 2.1 innings the day before was useless, and he was told to use another glove, and in many ways, the host’s progress in the game was regrettable.”

Chairman Hwang worried about the players who suffered the most damage, saying, “I am worried that these incidents will accumulate and hurt the players, and that the desire to participate in the world competition will disappear.”

The Korea Women’s Baseball Federation plans to send a letter of protest to the organizing committee ahead of the match against Mexico on the 12th (Korean time), as well as visit the organizing committee chairman of the ‘Women’s Baseball World Cup’ to request a meeting.

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