‘Highest 162.5km’ Bang! Strong debut of ‘12.1 billion super prospect’ who wrote a new history of armed protest and ML down payment

‘Highest 162.5km’ Bang! Strong debut of ‘12.1 billion super prospect’ who wrote a new history of armed protest and ML down payment

Paul Skins, a ‘top prospect’ wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates uniform with a major league rookie contract fee ‘New History’, made a splendid debut match.

‘MLB.com’ reported on the 11th (hereinafter Korean time), “The Pittsburgh Pirates Paul Skins, who were selected as the first overall pick in the 2023 Major League Baseball Draft, made their first appearance.” He was truly a jaw-dropping pitcher.

Skins was selected by Pittsburgh with the first overall pick in the major league rookie draft held on the 10th of last month. The biggest reason why Skins was able to receive the overall 1st pick is because of his talent for throwing a fast ball of 102 miles (approximately 164.2 km). Skins’ average velocity was 98 mph, and he scored a perfect 80 on his fastball on the MLB Pipeline’s 20-80 scale.

At the time, ‘MLB.com’ reported the news of Skins’ overall first pick and said, “Skins is the best pitcher in college since Stephen Strasburg (Washington). Skins’ performance in college reminds me of Strasburg. Strasburg and Likewise, Skens throws an overwhelming triple-digit fastball (over 100 mph) and slider.”

Grades in college are overwhelming. Skins appeared in 19 games this year and showed the potential of striking out 209 while playing 122⅔ innings, and was active with an average ERA of 1.69 with 12 wins and 2 losses. Skins’ attractive point is not only its ‘fire bowler’ ability. Skins is also a player capable of the ‘double sword’.

Skins played in 52 games as a hitter this year, recording 13 homers, 38 RBIs, and a batting average of 0.314. In particular, he achieved the feat of 10-10 home runs as a ‘first’ in the American Collegiate League, and stood at the forefront of the University of Louisiana’s Collegiate League World Series championship.

As much as he possesses ‘special talent’, he also has a huge down payment. The Skins received $9.2 million from Pittsburgh (approximately 12.1 billion won), which surpassed the $8,416,300 (approximately 11.1 billion won) received by Spencer Torkelson (Detroit Tigers), who was the first overall pick in the 2020 rookie draft, and was the first rookie in major league history. Reached the maximum contract amount.메이저사이트

Skins, who joined Tsburgh, blocked one inning with a three-way strike in a confrontation with the ‘Rookie League’ FCL Twins held at the Pirates City Complex in Florida on the 11th. In the process of throwing a total of 11 pitches, Skins used 10 of them as fastballs, and showed off good control to the extent that 8 of the 11 pitches landed in the strike zone.

Redemption was overwhelming. Skins’ highest speed on this day marked 101 miles (approximately 162.5 km). Skins staged a show of force by throwing 7 fastballs over 100 miles fastball, recording 4 balls at 101 miles, 3 balls at 100 miles (about 161 km), and 3 balls at 99 miles (about 159.3 km). It was a glimpse into why Pittsburgh had the best contract ever.

On this day, Skins finished the game without participating in the ‘batter’ game. It remains to be seen whether Skins, who made his strong debut, will grow into a ‘double sword’ in the minor leagues as he did in college, or whether he will only hone his talent as a pitcher.

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