Seong-Jin Park’Pulp Pearl’… Changed Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, come-from-behind victory over KEPCO

Seong-Jin Park’Pulp Pearl’… Changed Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, come-from-behind victory over KEPCO

Professional volleyball ‘last’ Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance showed a different performance. 

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance defeated KEPCO in the first leg of the 2023 Gumi-Dodram Cup Professional Volleyball Tournament (hereinafter referred to as the cup competition) men’s Group B group stage held at the Park Chung-hee Gymnasium in Gumi, Gyeongbuk on the 7th with a set score of 3-1 (22-25 25-12 25-19) 25-18) and won the first game. 

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which fell to the bottom of the 7 men’s clubs with 11 wins and 25 losses (36 points) in the V-League last season, signaled a new start with a thrilling come-from-behind victory over KEPCO, which advanced to the postseason in 4th place. Forget last season… KEPCO favored the early flow of

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which strengthened its ‘backward mind’  .

Lee Tae-ho led the attack by raising 5 points with a 50% attack success rate in the first set alone. Park Cheol-woo, who transformed from an attacker to a middle blocker, also added 4 points. Here, in the 19-19 match, Seo Jae-deok scored 3 points in a row and drove a wedge. 

On the other hand, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance collapsed by pouring out as many as 9 rooms in the first set alone. A nightmare from last season could come to mind. KEPCO had only two rooms. 

However, the flow of the game changed completely from the second set. He took the initiative and took the lead in the height fight in the center. As KEPCO’s defense moved to the middle, setter Noh Jae-guk tried various attacks with a quick toss, which worked.  

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which revived the atmosphere, overwhelmed KEPCO and immediately balanced the game by winning the second set with a 25-12 ‘double score’.

In the third set, variables appeared one after another. The close match continued until the middle of the set, but KEPCO striker Gong Jae-hak slipped on the court and injured his leg and was carried off on a stretcher. 

KEPCO was unable to overcome the subdued atmosphere due to a series of injuries, and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance attacked more boldly, winning the third set and succeeding in reversing. 

Seong-jin Park, ‘2nd year pro’, made a big success in his first start

In the 4th set, Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance broke KEPCO’s pursuit with Park Seong-jin and Kim Jeong-ho jointly scoring 8 points. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which never missed the lead, sensed victory when Kim Jeong-ho’s serve ace exploded at the end of the set, and Park Seong-jin’s knockout at the match point put an end to the game.스포츠토토

The protagonist who led Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance to victory was Park Seong-jin. Park Seong-jin, who wore the Samsung Fire & Marine uniform with the 4th pick in the 2nd round in the rookie draft last season, scored 17 points in 15 games, mainly as a substitute player. 

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance coach Kim Sang-woo started Park Seong-jin, who had finished adapting to the professional stage, for the first time that day, and Park responded to expectations by posting 18 points (attack success rate of 50%), including 3 blocks and 2 sub-aces. 

Park Seong-jin, who scored more points than his debut season in one game on this day, emerged as Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance’s new main gun, raising expectations for his performance this season. In addition, outside hitter Kim Jeong-ho added 14 points and last season’s rookie Kim Jun-woo added 10 points. 

On the other hand, KEPCO’s apositive spiker Lee Tae-ho struggled with 19 points, but could not change the result of the game. Park Chul-woo, who started as a middle blocker for the first time since his debut, scored 9 points, but his main task, blocking, was still not cool. 

Meanwhile, in the previous game, Hyundai Capital, whose main players were selected for the Asian Championships, lost to Panasonic Panthers, an invited team in Japan, with a set score of 0-3 (23-25 ​​21-25 20-25).

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