During a singles match, if you catch the net between the poles and the outside of the singles stick? net touch?

During a singles match, if you catch the net between the poles and the outside of the singles stick? net touch?

A foul commonly called net touch refers to a case where a player’s body or accessories (racquet, clothing, shoes) touch the net while the rally is not over. In this case, the player who committed the foul will lose the point.

However, a rare situation related to the net touch occurred on the 7th (local time) during the men’s singles match at the National Bank Open (ATP Masters 1000). After Francis Tiafoe (USA) attempted a cross-angle shot, he stopped his pace and touched the net with his hand. And the rally didn’t end the moment Tia Fo touched his hand. Milos Raonich (Canada), his opponent, did not catch the ball, but the ball was still alive before it was two-bound.

However, Mr. Fergus Murphy, who was the chair umpire of this game, declared Tiafoe to score. The place where Tiafo picked up by hand is not a net, but a permanent fixture of the tournament (Permanent Fixture), because Tiafoe was playing normally. What the hell are you talking about?

The answer lies in the position where Tia Fo held his hand. Tiafou put his hand on the net in the Alley area, between the net’s singles stick (on the singles sideline) and the stanchions. In a doubles match, this position corresponds to the net, but in a singles match, this position corresponds to the permanent fixture, not the net. 메이저놀이터

It is connected to the net support and looks like a net, but in singles matches, this position is a permanent fixture, not a net, and is a permanent fixture. That is, Tiafou did not touch the net, but touched a permanent facility, and the conclusion was that it was not a net touch.

The first decision by referee Fergus Murphy was Tiafou’s net touch, but he soon overturned the decision. Raonic immediately protested, but Murphy explained the reason for declaring Tiafo’s goal, saying, “This part of the net does not correspond to touch.” Referee Tony Cho (Referee) of this tournament also made it clear that it was not Tiafo’s foul for the same reason.

This rare case related to net touch seems to be a good study for domestic hobbyists.

Meanwhile, in this match, Raonicch bombarded 37 sub-aces and eventually won a come-from-behind victory over Tiafo.

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