Team K League ‘Coach’ Choi Won-kwon reflects on the ATM game “It was the All-Star Game and we had a meeting for two hours”

Team K League ‘Coach’ Choi Won-kwon reflects on the ATM game “It was the All-Star Game and we had a meeting for two hours”

“We had a meeting for two hours.”

Daegu FC, led by head coach Choi Won-kwon, will face Ulsan Hyundai in the 25th round of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 on May 5 at DGB Daegu Bank Park. Daegu is in seventh place with 33 points. They have two draws and one loss in three league games.

Ulsan has won both meetings this season. Daegu suffered a 0-3 home defeat in their last meeting. They have scored one goal and conceded six in two games. Speaking to the media before the game, Choi said, “Ulsan will play like Ulsan. That’s how Ulsan soccer is. We don’t have many cards to play. I think the weather will be the biggest variable. It’s a positive that we don’t have any injuries except for Beltolan. I think the players will play with pride,” he said.먹튀검증

Choi also traveled to the Team K League to assist Hong. “It was very uncomfortable. The staff were all Ulsan people,” he laughed, then added, “Coach Hong gave me advice as a coach. I learned a lot about why Ulsan can win the championship. I tried to get as much as I could, but the game is a cold one. I know he’s a cold person. It’s the challenger’s position. I hope I can smile today,” he reiterated.

On the KFA’s YouTube channel, Hong and Choi discussed player substitutions during a Team K League match. When Hong suggested replacing Seol Young-woo, Choi wasn’t sure, and Seol remained the only player in the squad to play full time. Choi said, “There’s a lot of time left in the league, so it doesn’t matter, but I saw how much the coach wanted to win. In my opinion, Young-woo played the best. We struggled without Timo,” Choi said, adding, “We had two-hour meetings. We had that long of a meeting at the All-Star Game. I made my opinion clear as a coach. There was no selfishness at all. I just wanted to win,” he laughed.

Daegu scored only four goals in five games in July. There were also two scoreless matches. Choi said, “It’s the first time in years that I’ve been unhappy with the players because of the lack of goals lately. Our scoring was poor in July,” Choi said. Rookie Lee Jong-hoon, born in 2002, will make his first start in place of Ko Jae-hyun, who is unable to play due to accumulating cautions.

“He looked like he deserved the chance,” said Choi. We can’t take Edgar off in the second half because of his age. We’re going to rotate in the first half and give the younger players a chance. (Lee Jong-hoon) is a sincere guy, he’s from Daegu Youth and he has skills. We’ll try to put pressure on him early on by defending well and using our speed to find space behind the defense. Hopefully, we can drag it out to 45 minutes.”

However, midfielder Beltolan, a summer signing, did not make the roster. Choi said, “He was on vacation when he came to Korea. He was on vacation when he came to Korea. As for the rehabilitation trainer, he trained positively. From next week, he will start training with the team.” “If he has a strong will, he will be able to improve his body. I’m on loan, so it’s going to be a while before I’m ready to play. I have a headache. We are short of midfielders. I didn’t have much fun using (the late) Jae-hyun as a midfielder,” he lamented.

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